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  • Display name on x axis

    Hello everyon Is there a way to display only the final value of the metadata on the x-axis?   On my ticket metadata, I have "Cancel Trial" nested under Workflow and I was wondering, is there a way ...

  • Block chat or delete chat


    Hello champions! Do we have the option to auto-delete/block certain chat that contains sensitive words? We have been getting unwanted messages in the chat, so I was wondering if there are any rules...

  • Create a report based on views


    Hello everyone Is it possible to create a report based on the views that we have created?  I have a view to show only specific tickets based on the following rules Tags : "Erasure" "delete" Receive...

  • Solve a ticket using automation or triggers

    Hello there!  Is it possible to create an automation or trigger to solve a particular ticket?  For example, we receive tickets from X platform with the same ticket title and ticket description. Pos...

  • Dedicated workload view for each agent

    Is there a default dedicated view for each agent to view their own workload only (regardless of the ticket status like open, pending, onhold)? Or that would be a custom one? If so, can some guide w...

  • Duplicate existing chatbot flowbuilder

    Is there a way to clone or duplicate the existing chatbot flow builder? 1. I want to test and play around with the current flow builder 2. I want to deploy the chatbot with the existing structure w...

  • Query for tickets solved by answer bot

    How can I build a query to pull all the tickets solved by the answer bot? In our custom report, we can see 20 tickets being resolved without applying any ticket metadata. Hence, we have no idea, wh...

  • Submit a ticket in messaging (Chatbot)

    Is there an alternative way to or replace the option, "Transfer to an agent" to "Submit a request"? Currently, I have a flow builder with 5 FAQ's and planning to have another option as "submit a ti...

  • Select article versions in Help center

    Hello community Not sure if such a feature is available in the Help center but is it possible to have 1 or multiple versions in an article where end users can select which version they want to refe...

  • Numbers in reporting for ticket creation


    Hello Can someone confirm if we delete a ticket from the main queue, will the numbers in the reporting be affected? Or the report will still show the original number of the tickets created?