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  • Show English comments on articles despite locale

    Hi Community,  We'd like to show only English comments on our articles despite of the locale. Our employees are able to comment on articles (end-users not yet) but to keep things simple they need t...

  • Show preview / summary of article

    Hi Community,  Just wondering: is it possible to pick up part of an article (via API)? E.g. a paragraph / anchor. Use case is that we want to show a short summary of an article in our own web-appli...

  • Migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud


    Hi, We use the Jira integration built by ZenDesk (https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/jira/?source=app_directory). We are now migrating from Jira Server (offline) to Jira Cloud. When we activate t...

  • Best practice - setting up Data Analytics


    Hi,  We are in the process of setting up Data Analytics to track our ticket flow and analyse the type and quantity of questions coming in. I was wondering if someone has faced the same in the past ...

  • Best Flowchart Experiences

    Hi Community,  As we are willing to dive into the world of (Customer) Data Analysis we want to re-think our custom ticket fields and ticket flow. This means blueprinting all topics, subtopics and s...

  • Hide Assignees from Specific Groups

    Hi Community,  I've got the following question and can't figure out just yet if this is possible using an app or by default in ZD or if I need to add JS for this. Maybe one of you has faced a simul...

  • Direct users via SSO to the right Help Center (locale)


    Hi Community,  We've set up SSO (Enterprise) to allow our customers to be directed to our Help Center without needing other credentials. This works perfect.  One issue we do wonder and hopefully on...

  • How to measure the unique ticket requesters in a given period?

    Hello community! I want to count the totall unique ticket requesters over a given time. How can I use Explore to get this working?  I have the metrix COUNT and filter TICKET CREATED. It now shows t...

  • Guide - No Hover on a CSS element

    Hello,  Can anymore help me with the following? I want to have a box fixed and not hovered. It's the box '' Submit a request'' . Right now the box shows the brand-color when you hover on it with yo...