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  • Insert image in each item of the articles list


    From CSS/HTML, how it's possible to insert image in each <li> of the articles list. Note: my question is actually about uploading images to Zendesk page, not to insert them using CSS/HTML. Referenc...

  • Get category_id from section page


    In a section page, I'm trying to get the section's category_id, but I got invalid reference warning. I can get other attributes lik {{ section.url }} and {{ section.name }}, but it does not work if...

  • Search with suggestions


    How it is possible to get JSON data from a search result? In my case, I want to develop a search bar with instant suggestions, like in Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com.br/help/topic/1105/booking-a-tr...

  • Invalid reference (categories)

    I'm trying to put the categories links on any page, but it works only on Home Page. If I use {{categories}}, I got invalid reference and it does not work.