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  • Report assistance


    We have a resolution one time report, that i want to exclude type from one of the groups in this report.  This report is based on last month and the only other filter is where ticket group = Enviro...

  • Backlog Report Help

     I have seen a lot of questions about backlog datasets and there being limited filter options, so this may not be possible.  Our executive team wants a report in good data where they can see the ba...

  • Gooddata Metrics Question

    I wanted to see how other users handle an issue i am running into.  We have escalation teams, and it is possible for a ticket to be open for hours to a full day before it is decided this should be ...

  • Agents per Ticket/Company

    I have been trying to get information on what the standard agent to ticket or customer ratio is.  I am hoping to get feedback from other Zendesk users to see how we are gauging in that area.  Below...

  • % of tickets solved


    Hello fellow metric seekers, We currently have a breakdown of tickets sovled under 2 hours, 2-8 hours and longer then 8 hours.  I wanted to create a new one to look at % of tickets solved in under ...

  • Last Login by Org Report

    I am trying to build a report for our Community Team and i am having some issues.  We want to see the last login for any user in an Org.  When i try this, i get a separate login per user in that or...

  • Pathfinder App

    We recently purchased the Productivity Pack and the Pathfinder app.  I find the pathfinder to be very helpful how it shows the path the client took prior to ticket submission.  We have a team that ...

  • Scheduling Tool

    We are looking for a tool that will allow us to push the scheduling back to the customers.  Ideally we would be able to block out available times, send the link to a customer and they would coordin...

  • Full Resolution Time


    I have a question on how full resolution time is calculated.  If a ticket is reopened does it count the time the ticket was in a solved status, or does the countdown start back up when it is reopen...

  • Suspended Tickets

     Is there something going on with the email system?  I woke up this morning to 290 emails and all of them were suspended ticket notifications.  I recovered a view of them and they appear to be reje...