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  • Prevention of agents to create tickets as themselves as the requester

    I would like to submit a feature request as one is not in existence with ZenDesk currently.  There should be a role setting to lock down agents from creating tickets under themselves to prevent ina...

  • Outlook Integration Limitation

    Hello, The designed integration with ZenDesk and Outlook is very limited. It is great that there is an ability to integrate the two, but it would be nice if there can be further development to expa...

  • Widget issue

    Why can't you hide the description field on the widget, but you are allowed to do so on the new request form in the Help Center?  Also does not make sense that you can hide the subject on the widge...

  • Issue with creating conditional ticket fields

    Why can't you create a condition on the form when it comes to a multi-select ticket field? There should be a way to build a logic to allow multi-selections to be a condition.  Where one or more of ...