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  • Explore - Link Queries To A Different Dataset

    So I went into my Datasets and noticed quite a few saying "Out of date". I did a quick search and see an article saying to delete these as they will not be updated. I proceeded to do this however n...

  • Drillthrough Not Showing Columns Selected


    So I've selected the following elements However only the following are displayed   It's missing   Any ideas?  

  • Newly Created Query Not Updating When Changing Date Filter

    I've added a new query to my dashboard "Request Type by Ticket Count", however when I change the date range it always shows metrics for all history and not the date range I have chosen. I've gone ...

  • Remove deleted organizations from data filter

    So we have quite a few old organisations which have been deleted (100 +). However these still show up in our organisation data filter. They pretty much take up the first few pages. Anyway to delete...

  • Cloned Query Different Metrics

    So in Explore I've created a new tab on my dashboard and copied some of my queries from other tabs onto it. However the metrics are different even though I'm using the same query and date range? So...

  • non-agent to view Explore?


    I would like to share our Explore metrics with other business managers around our company. Is it possible to do this without them being agents? I'm aware I can send them in PDF form, however it wou...

  • Errors, bugs and loading issues with Explore

    For the past couple of days I'm consistently either getting errors, metrics taking forever to load or I'm stuck with loading wheel animation.  This is really affecting us edit or create any sort of...

  • Can't see full query title


    When trying to select a query, I'm not able to see the full name. I find I have to add them all and then delete the irrelevant ones. Is there anyway to expand so I can see what I'm selecting?    

  • Can't save dashboard

    Hi there How do you save changes to a dashboard? After I have edited it, I click "Publish" but all I get is a popup  to share the dashboard. I only want to save my changes. I don't want to share. I...

  • Ticket Field - Multi-select form issue

    So I've created a custom ticket field as we would like to know what browsers our users are using. I created it under "Multi-select"   However on my 'Submit a request' page it looks like:    I gue...