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  • Introducing Newsfeed for Guide (Marketplace App)

    Your agents live inside of Zendesk Support. They use it to handle Chats, Social Messaging, calls and tickets. Thanks to Sunshine and Customer Profiles and Events they get a 360 view of your custome...

  • Time spend per group

    Hey, I have a setup were tickets move between groups. Request client --> First Line >> Second Line >> Devops >> First Line --> Final answer to client Is there a way to measure how long tickets were...

  • Use Followers as VIEW parameter conditions

    Zendesk is setup by default with a "My Tickets" view which shows agents all tickets assigned to them, Since the new Follower feature, more often than not we assign tickets to the Tier 1 that should...

  • Bug with changed images on iOS

    When uploading an image in the mobile app that has been annotated in the photos.app the app uploads an adjustments.plist file instead of the actual image.  

  • Duplicate Notifications

    Hey, I have a client who showed me that on his iPhone specifically he gets every Zendesk notification multiple times. (2>>4) This happens on multiple iPhoned logged into the same Zendesk account so...

  • GitHub Guide Themes auto deploy

    Hey, I’ve been using the GitHub integration for Guide for basically every client we work for. Great feature since it allows multiple people to work on the theme together we can have a staging area...

  • Restrict Group assignment but allow for Organisation changes.

    There is a setting in Agent roles that allows agents to modify groups and organisations. When checked an agent can add a end-user to an organisation. (useful for larger customer care teams in big c...