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  • "Next SLA target" View column

    It would be nice to have "SLA target" / "Next SLA target" as a selectable Views column that shows what the next target is for that ticket. It could accompany the "Next SLA Breach" column and would ...

  • Zendesk Talk - Inbound Only Phone Numbers

    Since call recordings is a setting on a phone number level and not on a direction level, we would like to prevent outbound calls for numbers dedicated to inbound calling. We have numbers for dedica...

  • Zendesk Talk - Outbound Call Greeting

    Currently there is no option to play an automated greeting for outbound calls. We would like a feature to play a greeting for outbound calls right when the call connects, either as a phone number g...

  • More granular settings for Roles

    There are a few settings for Roles that could be a little more granular: Can add or modify groups & organizations We would like our agents to be able to update organizations but not be able to mo...