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  • More granular permissions

    I'd like to be able to set permissions for edit/view in Explore at the Query and Dashboard levels. We have a lot of people who need to have editor permissions in order to create their own Queries, ...

  • Metric/Attribute Management

    It seems like a strange workflow to open a Query, click "Add", find a metric/attribute, and click the pencil icon in order to edit metrics/attributes. It would be nice if that was its own separate ...

  • Explore tables grouping consecutive row data vs. showing all data

    I'd like the option to configure all data to show on a table. When looking at a table (see below) where there are a few rows in a row with the same data, Explore seems to group them / leave the top...

  • Support Web Form and Widget should be separate Channels in Explore

    Lumping the Support Web Form and Web Widget into the same channel (Web) in Explore is not ideal. They're distinctly different ways of getting in touch. You've separated out Mobile and Mobile SDK (s...

  • Query Conditional Formatting

    It'd be awesome if there could be conditional formatting configured for a query. Example: CSAT score. I might set it with three conditional formatting rules... <75% set to display as red, >75% and ...

  • More granular permissions for agents with Guide access

    I see numerous posts about this (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115008486808 and https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115009370448 are examples) which have bee...

  • Setting a filter default state

    Something useful in GoodData/Insights was the ability to add filters to a dashboard and set the default selections of the filter(s). This allowed me to create a single report (query) to use across ...

  • Why didn't this trigger work?


    Here's the trigger in question:   Here's a ticket I would have expected it to apply to, but it didn't (you can see it's still assigned to my user): So the agent who actually worked on the ticket ...

  • Emails for new articles - font color

    I've been testing in our Sandbox to see what does or doesn't translate to the "new article in a section" emails. Is there any way to have a font color/style be sent in the email? See below. Changed...

  • Schedule articles to publish in Guide


    We took a page out of your book and have switched from a weekly email with updates to a section in our Help Center with our weekly release notes. Much better!   Those are usually finalized a day be...