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  • Interrupted Chats - diner chats in and is assigned and offered to original chatter


    Hey Zopim,  I've had several agents express frustration with what happens when the customer leaves the chat.  The original agent sees that the customer has "gone offline." But then the customer cha...

  • Mass Enforce Alias for All Agents

    Hi there,  I want to use personalized emails but I need to ensure all of my agents are responding to emails with their first name and last initial only.  As an admin, am I able to restrict or enfor...

  • Trigger for incoming assigned chats

    Hi Zopim, We are thinking about setting up a trigger that will auto reply when a chat is assigned. We're struggling with having the initial reply come from "Customer Care" rather than the name of t...

  • Disable Agent Level Idle Timeout

    Hey Zopim team,  We just noticed a feature that allows agents to change their status after a period of inactivity. We would prefer if agents were not able to adjust these settings.  This request co...

  • Error Adding Tags

    Hi Zopim,  Our agents are getting the attached error when trying to manually add tags to Zopim chats. It was working for some agents in the past (myself included) but I've shadowed multiple agents ...

  • "Fade" ended chats


    Hey Zopim,  This ticket is related to a past ticket (#1578830). Our agents continue to express concern over there being no delay in a chat ending and getting a new chat. Our agents are used to abou...

  • Training Agents in Zopim


    Hello, I'm concerned about how we will handle training post initial launch. Currently, we have the ability to utilize 6 Customer Service training agents in our chat provider. They are able to log i...

  • Please allow for agent chat pop out


    Hi there,  The topic from our agent training is disappointment around not being able to pop out chats so that an agent has visibility into all chats at once.  Ultimately, this change will be someth...

  • Please disable hybrid assignment pop up


    Hi there,  Hybrid assignment is the standard for our organization. I would like the ability to disable the hybrid assignment pop up reminder after an agent has acknowledged it once. It is distracti...

  • Listening to Other Chats

    Hello!  We are not comfortable with multiple agents being able to enter a customer's chat. We would prefer that this ability be limited to leads and managers to assist with escalations.  Thank you,...