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  • Filter out / measure end user/customer responses

    Would like to have a measure to filter out customer public comments. Use case is about 30-40%ish of tickets usually do not get a response from end users either because they are solved or whatever r...

  • Twitter workflow on Zendesk makes no logical sense outside of Zendesk


    Current Zendesk workflow creates multiple threads on Twitter when multiple response are made back and forth.  Real Twitter usually has one thread with x amount of comments below in a single thread....

  • API for multi language


    Has anyone done a multi language help center where all the articles that were not switched to the other language say Chinese remained in the default language (English)? We have hundreds of article ...

  • Ticket Forms

    Hi there,   Has anyone figured a way to implement the ticket forms outside of the help center? As in being able to transfer them and still have them connected to zendesk? It would be really helpful...