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    Carlene Palm criou uma publicação,

    Separate shortcuts for departments


    I'd like to request the ability to have separate shortcuts per department. We are creating a second department in live chat and will be doubling the number of shortcuts we have created. This will b...

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    Carlene Palm comentou,

    I agree that this is a useful tool for preparing your answer in a timely manner. Our previous chat provider had this implemented and it saves a world of time!  Running multiple chats is a completel...

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    Carlene Palm criou uma publicação,

    View what client is typing

    Não planejada

    Currently, you can see that a client is typing, but not what they are typing. Having the ability to view what they are typing in real time allows us to save time gathering the appropriate informati...

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    Carlene Palm criou uma publicação,

    View chat before joining


    Currently, you cannot view a chat before you join. It would be helpful if we could do so as we would then be able to assess who we feel would be best suited to handle the chat. In addition, it woul...