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  • Is Copenhagen the only standard theme?


    I have followed the instructions for Changing the theme on your Help Center and step 3 says to select a theme, but Copenhagen is the only one that appears. Where can I find other standard or Zendes...

  • Click thumbnail to see full resolution image


    Currently, our Help Center can accommodate images up to about 700px wide inline with the text. Some of the images are screenshots of a complex UI that really needs to be displayed at much larger re...

  • Copenhagen theme -- CSS to change color of links in articles


    I'm using the Copenhagen theme, and all link colors seem to be based on Color 4, which can be adjusted in Customize design > Appearance. I like color 4 for unvisited links, but it is making the vis...

  • Copenhagen theme -- zoom while on mobile?


    We are using the Copenhagen theme on our Help Center. The theme is responsive and looks nice on mobile, however you are not able to zoom in on anything while on mobile. We need to have zoom so user...

  • Is there an easier way to apply heading formatting?


    The WYSIWYG editor does not seem to include a feature to assign h1/h2/h3/h4 tags to text. I keep having to go into the HTML editor and apply them manually. Does anyone know of an easier way or how ...

  • How do I get text within <pre> tag to wrap?


    I'm using <pre> tags to get some text (like tips) to stand out more that other text in my Help Center articles. It works and looks nice, except that the text within the pre tags does not wrap. I kn...

  • How can I use Javascript in my Help Center articles?


    Hello,  I'm trying to use Javascript in my Help Center articles by adding it using the HTML editor, but the HTML editor is adding // <![CDATA[ just after the the <script> tag and // ]]> just before...

  • Maintain image quality within list formatting

    Hello, maybe someone can help me with this: I'm having issues maintaining image quality when I place the image in list formatting. I upload a screenshot and it looks good on my Help Center page whe...