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When saving field mappings to enable the field syncing, the Zendesk Support for JIRA add-on registers a JIRA WebHook designed to be triggered whenever a linked issue is updated by a user to inform the integration that data has changed and syncing could be required. This WebHook is registered automatically in JIRA Server (i.e. OnPremise).

Unfortunately, JIRA Cloud (i.e. OnDemand) does not support automatic creation of WebHooks by third-party add-ons, like Zendesk Support for JIRA. As such, JIRA administrators should manually create this WebHook for field sync to work properly.

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Note: It is important that you follow the following instructions carefully, including entering the correct WebHook name.

To configure JIRA WebHook

  1. Log into JIRA as a system administrator, and navigate to the Systems screen.

  2. Using the menu on the left side of the screen, select Advanced > WebHooks.

  3. Click Create a WebHook.

  4. On the WebHooks screen, enter the following information:
    • Name: (Zendesk add-on) Sync with Zendesk on issue update (do not change)
    • URL: Enter your WebHook URL. We have provided a convenient mechanism to get the WebHook URL with all placeholders replaced with the correct values for your Zendesk account. You can find a Copy webhook URL to clipboard link on the Zendesk Support for JIRA add-on configuration page in the Field Mapping tab.

      The WebHook should look something like this:${}&issue_key=${issue.key}
    • Events: labels = jira_escalated
    • Issue: Click updated.
    • Exclude body: Click to select this option.
  5. Click Save. The WebHook screen should look something like this:

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