Need ability to simulate multiple chats


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing your request regarding being able to simulate larger amount of traffic in your test account. Although we have no immediate plans to offer this, there are some suggestions I can share with you that can make it easier to simulate more traffic today.

    First, you can choose to build a page with multiple iframes that contain the widget snippet and has its own storage for cookies. Internally, this is what we do to test multiple incoming chats across various visitors from the same window.

    If you are not comfortable programming HTML, you can also look at browser extensions that allow you to be logged in to multiple sites in the same window and load/duplicate the tab for the number of visitors you require. If you use Google Chrome with multiple profiles, each profile window can have their own chat session as well. 

    Hope that helps you out,


  • Chris Gregory

    Michael, we had a similar need. Not sure what scale you are trying to achieve for your demo. I was able to have about 4 or more simulated chats in sandbox on my workstation during a training session using several different browsers.

    We had agents set as available in our sandbox and I went to our sandbox /hc/en-us url in firefox and did not log in. The chat icon popped up on the lower right corner of the window and I used that to serve up a chat to sandbox.

    Then I did the same in the following browser window types: edge, edge private, firefox private, chrome, and chrome incognito. Each window opened a unique chat in sandbox.

    I was running the back end of the uat on my own, and it wasn't easy to keep track of that many chats on my own, but it worked for our purposes.

    I would make sure sandbox is set to serve chats the same way it's set up in prod (otb it was set to broadcast and we use the assigned setting), and I would set the max chat limit per agent to a low number (we did 2) so that a queue can be generate more easily. I hope that helps.


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