Make some Organisation fields uneditable to Agents

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  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sophie,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. We're currently in the process of collecting feedback on more granular permissions. Can you help me understand where agents are pasting the organizational fields? What is the impact of agents being able to edit the fields today? Will help me understand how we might solve for this.

    Thank you!

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    +1 to this request! For me, I think something similar to the Ticket Field Manager app could be helpful for Organization fields. 

    That way, I can still be able manually edit these fields (if needed) and allow a small set of individuals to have these permissions as well, but the majority of our Agents would not be able to make edits to these fields.

    For context: We're syncing data from SFDC automatically and are about to begin updating our Matching Criteria for this integration to be based on a custom SFDC ID field. If an agent were to accidentally update or remove the value included in this specific field, that would be very problematic. 

    There would be other custom fields that I'd like to make Read Only (i.e. Customer Success Manager) and, if those were changed, it could impact the Triggers we have setup that automatically notify CSMs or add CSMS as Followers to certain types of tickets for their accounts.

    Generally, our agents are attempting to copy the value from the custom field & accidentally make the change, so I think Read Only capabilities would be a really great option for us. 

  • Sophie Anderson

    Hi Alina,

    Thanks for your reply.  We agree with Chandra's comments and the only other thing to add is that we'd like for Agents to be able to copy text from any read-only fields as they contain customer numbers/IDs that we would want to be able to copy&paste as to avoid human error with important information.

  • Ad Astra Support

    +10 times for the ability to make custom Orgazniation fields read-only. Like Chandra Robrock, we sync data from SFDC. We have had this integration for well over a year and has worked well, however, we are noticing more and more that agents will change the value of a custom field in Zendesk (thinking they are being helpful to other agents), rather than updating the field in Salesforce.

    Very problematic because the next time a sync is triggered from any of the mapped fields in Salesforce on the account, it will update ALL of the mapped fields in the organization record in Zendesk, so any outdated values that are lingering in Salesforce will override what is existing in ZD. Having the ability to lock custom fields to read-only would prevent this nuance from happening since Salesforce and Zendesk are only a one-way sync. Definitely is creating a data management issue and creates a lot of manual work.

    Our agents need the ability to update SOME fields on the organization record, but not the mapped fields to Salesforce. Because of this, limiting their permissions to the entire organization record is not an option.

  • Anne-Sophie Mullier

    Same need here. And totally agree with Melody.

  • Hayley Johnson

    Has there been any movement on this? We want to be able to control which fields regular agents can edit and which ones they can't in Sell.

  • yanko.chakarov


    We also need to be able to make certain field "read-only" of our agents.

    This is needed in order to make sure that those fields (populated by our end-users) will remain unchanged.

    Please, let us know if there are any updates on a potential development of this option.

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Mira

    We have the very same need. We need some organization fields to be editable and some not.

  • Paul K

    We also need this. The majority of our organization fields are pulled from Salesforce, and data synced from another system shouldn't be editable.

    On the other hand, we have an 'Account Notes' text field where agents can leave important account notes, and that field should remain editable for all agents.

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey all - thanks again for all your feedback on this. The good news is that we're currently in the discovery phase of something that could handle this use case. I don't have dates or anything to share yet as we're just embarking, but it is something we're looking into.

  • Joshua

    Any updates on this functionality in general since October?

    My team and I are interested in making a sidebar app to make some Organization/User fields read-only, however, this is impossible with the current Apps Support API. We noticed it's possible for Ticket Fields and would like the same functionality.

  • Jiří Chovanec


    We are curious about the updates too.

    Is there anything new? 

    I hope this will affect user fields too.

  • Dave E

    Two years since this was raised? Any updates?

    I would also like this to be based on 'entity type' as we have some organisation which are pushed into Zendesk from external systems - so making any changes in Zendesk will not be pushed back to our master data source.

    But we have other organisation which users can edit.  

    So ideally we could say if Organisation with field/attribute = xyz   set fields to read only
    or Organisation with tag xyx  set fields to read only




  • Richard Tudge

    Any update on this feature requirement?

  • Matthias Stütz

    Is Zendesk working on this?

    We need this feature too to minimize the time the agents need to search information.

    This is not some really work intensive feature and i dont understand why - for the prices Zendesk is charging - the Feedback and the realisation for feature requests is like this.

    What Zendesk is delivering here for the price they charge is unacceptable.


    Next year we will reevalutate if the 4 figure amount we are paying to zendesk each month is justified in regards to the features offered. 


    And to be honest at the moment things are not looking good for Zendesk.

  • Atanas Tomov

    +1.  A native functionality will be highly appreciated.

  • Boyan Spasov



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