Audit Logs need to be viewable in local time


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  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Ben, 

    The Admin Center location should display in your local timezone, we just tested this and confirm it's working as expected. Not sure what's happening for you unfortunately 🧐 

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Rudolph Beaton

    @... - It's a strange bug. If you never access audit logs through the admin center, then the audit logs in Account settings in Zendesk Support (read: not the admin center) appear in the time zone Ben described.  Oddly, after you access the audit logs in the admin center once, this fixes the timezone in the Zendesk Support settings.

    So, that's what's going on.

  • Ben Wilcox

    Rudolph, more specifically, the difference is seen here: returns the wrong time returns the local time

    For me, when I tried that trick of going to the admin center and seeing the local time and then going back to the settings page to see the log and even refreshing my browser, it still showed the wrong time. :(

  • Sarah Makoski

    I have also been experiencing what Ben is seeing. 

    In Support, Audit Log is GMT+0. In Admin Center, Audit Log is GMT+5 (my selected timezone). 


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