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    Nina Olding

    Thanks for sharing this feedback, this is an interesting insight. I do have a follow-up question - if you find triggers that have not fired in the last year (or whatever timeframe feels right), how would you determine that this trigger was safe to remove? And related, are there any triggers that haven't fired for 6 months/a year/any longer period of time that should be kept, because that is actually expected? Thanks again, it's always great receiving this direct feedback.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    It would also be nice to see which tickets the trigger fired on. So if there is a misfire, it is easier to locate the affected tickets

  • Mark Leci

    @... that is a great point! Usually this is the other way around, something goes wrong and you look at a ticket and see that the trigger fired incorrectly. But then going back to identify those tickets after the fact can be extremely hard. +1 

  • Mark Leci

    @... sorry I missed this - thank you for your reply! 

    It would be pretty much that criterion that determines if a trigger is safe to remove, which is the reason this is a problem for us because we don't currently have another way to determine which triggers likely aren't being used and can be cleaned up. I can't imagine with our use case that a trigger that hasn't fired for a year is useful to maintain, although I'm sure that's not the case for everyone

  • Galen Bertozzi

    Sorry @nina, can you confirm if there is a way to find the last ticket (or any example ticket for that matter) that a trigger fired on? I can see that I have a trigger that is firing on occasion but impossible to locate an example ticket where this happened to debug the events. Please advise!  

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Galen,

    Unfortunately, there's no native feature that will allow you to determine the ticket ID associated with the trigger usage. However, one method that you can do is to add the action "Add Tag" to your triggers so that you can check tickets that will be created.

    If it's essential for your troubleshooting, you can contact our support directly to determine if we can use our logs for it.
  • Naomi Greenall

    I hope this is a product enhancement that is being worked on or could be worked on in the future. It is extremely frustrating as an admin to be able to view how many times a trigger was fired and not be able to see which tickets they were fired on. I feel as if this association and additional data could be easily added since ZenDesk is tracking when it is firing anyways. This is essential to troubleshooting triggers as an admin. Please build this into the software, I don't feel I should have to reach out to ZenDesk support each time this happens to ask for the specific log of where it fired to. It is a waste of time on both ends.


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