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  • Manu OPS

    We have a similar issue when accepting a chat or call (for agents working both on tickets and other channels). Is there a timeline for having auto-save on side conversations?

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Gareth Elsby

    We've discovered a similar issue when launching side conversations this week. If an agent is composing a side convo and clicks the 'view events' button in the main window, the whole side-convo draft is wiped out and they have to start again. This is extremely frustrating on top of the problem outlined by OP. 

    Could you update us as to what side convo improvements are on the roadmap, and are improvements to the problems outlined in this post being considered/built, please?


  • Aaron Doane
    Zendesk Luminary

    This is a significant pain point for our agents as they are preparing escalations. The Side Conversation form that we have built as a macro acts as a troubleshooting check-list, so an agent may spend 30 minutes going through each of the steps to gather information. To have that information lost after 30 minutes of work is a huge time waste for agents and the second attempt at escalating the issue never has as much information as the initial attempt. 

    This would be a huge quality of life enhancement!

  • Vanessa Wood

    I would like to add my vote for this. It's a massive efficiency issue and big pain point for our teams. 


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