Bring additional customer information from chat into the new agent workspace

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  • CJ Johnson

    Agreed and desperately wanting this, as well as the Country info, made available again to agents. 

  • Jamie Martin

    Any update on this? And is the IP address from the customer also not available?

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    We just deployed Agent Workspace to a team of 600 agents today. Turns out this was a feature that was much more important that we expected and is contributing to a higher handle time as we have to ask the customer basic questions we had before.

    I would consider this a regression in functionality, please consider prioritizing this data in Agent Workspace!

  • Jason McDonald

    Just rolled out Agent Workspace today and found out this information is gone and it was incredibly useful for us to have. Hope this is resolved.

    It was not mentioned in this article that this would no longer be available:

  • Erin Wilcox

    100% agree on this fact.  Now knowing all of the information that was held in this sidebar is a major issue for our company as well.


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