Ticket Tab Displays Requestor Name Instead of Subject

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  • Bethany Totten

    We just switched back to the new Agent Workspace and noticed this as well. Has anyone found a way to change it back to the subject? It's very frustrating as I often have multiple tabs open but don't necessarily memorize who the requestor is for each ticket, especially if multiple people are commenting on the thread. 

  • Andreas Lorensen

    I too finds this frustrating. Also some og the tabs dont even show ticket number anymore

  • Paul Bichsel

    A number of our customers would like this changed back to the original functionality also.

  • Paul K

    Agreed, this seems like an unintuitive change and one that is just geared towards Chat/Messaging queries that are solved on the spot without the need for further investigation before solving.

    There are more people with the same opinion in the comments of this article.

    Our agents would be used to having multiple ticket tabs open at once, and it's difficult to tell which ticket is what problem when you only have the customer name. It turns it into an unnecessary game of "wait was I talking to Mary about this query, or John? Or was it Steve?".

    There should be a setting to choose what you would like to see in the tab title.

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Zac Garcia, and I help look after the tools you and your team need to serve your customers most efficiently. We hear you and want to learn more about how you use the information in Ticket Tabs to get context on your work.

    Thanks to all of you for posting these comments with detailed use cases and pain points, and special thanks to @... as well for highlighting an article with more comments.

    Look for a post in the next week with more detail on what we're hoping to learn and how you can help us (help you!). I'll link to it from here.

    If you happen upon this update before that post goes live, feel free to share here! Some discussion starters:

    • How many tabs do you typically have open in your daily work?
    • What information do you prefer to see in the tabs? How would you use it?
    • Would the preferred information ever change based on the context or channel you're working in (email vs. phone vs. messaging)?

    Y'all are the real rockstars on the frontlines of CX and it's a pleasure to support you!

  • Paul K

    Hey @... 

    That's fantastic to hear that there are some changes coming here. I got some feedback from our Support teams across our company on the points you raised.

    • On average, our agents have 8-10 tabs open
    • The general consensus on the information people would like to see in the tabs was the Organization Name. A mix of agents then specified the subject line, ticket ID/number, and requester name would all be of benefit to see in each ticket tab. The main usage reason was to be able to know what each ticket is at a glance, without having to click into each ticket.
    • Preferred information based on context or channel: Requester Name and Organization Name were the most preferred options here, but also with a small indicator on each tab to show whether the ticket is currently a chat conversation or an email etc (I'm not sure if that's already a thing or not, as we're not using Chat/Messaging just yet, but if it's not a thing then it should be).

    Hope that helps! In your comment, you mentioned to look for a post next week. Just to make sure I haven't missed anything, has anything been updated here already?

  • Brian Emond

    It's been a little while since there was any feedback on this. We've also just switched to the new workspace and discovered this issue. Has there been any progress on this?

  • Mark Ganusevič

    The same feedback from our side, ID's are not as useful as Titles/Subjects

  • Grant Schuemann

    Running into the same feedback on our end.  Posting to see if there is any update?  Having the Subject and Ticket # on the tab instead of the Requester would be vastly more useful.

  • Olli

    What's the status on this? Been receiving feedback from our employees as well regarding this change. We'd like to have subject back as it was previously.

    Ticket ID is irrelevant.

  • Wagner, David

    I must concur with the comments above. We were recently forced to update to the new UI and my team is finding it increasingly cumbersome to have end-user names as tab titles rather than ticket subjects. Now my agents will have 2-5 tabs open that all just have the same end-user name on them and without memorizing the ticket IDs there's no way to easily identify which tickets you're working on without hovering your cursor over the tab, which is not very convenient and makes it impossible for you to view all of the issues you are working on at once.

    What's worse is that when opening a ticket the title of the ticket is the tab label for a split-second before it changes to the end-users name. This indicates to me that this "feature" is something that should be changeable. This seems like something that organizations should be able to opt-in or enable individually as it could severely impact the workflow of people in my line of work.

  • Alan

    We just migrated to Agent Workspace, and some of our agents shared this sentiment. It'd be ideal for us if this were configurable at a group or user level. Some of our teams are in Play-only mode and typically just have one ticket open at a time. For those agents, the current interface works fine. 

    Some other agents may have 3-4 tickets open at a time, sometimes including multiple from the same requester. For those agents, displaying the subject line in the ticket tab would be much more helpful than requester.

  • Taylor Graves

    Hey Zac Garcia it's been a bit over a year since you commented here. Now that the new agent workspace is going to be forced across all Zendesk domains it's more important than ever for things like this to be discussed.

    What is the status of maybe giving us the ability to choose if we want the requestor name or the ticket subject? My teams and I would love to be able to show subjects instead of requestors, it is much more useful for us.

  • Jillian Sanschagrin

    I would like an update about this too? We were forced to move and now everyone is complaining about this change. When are we going to see the change  ?

  • Rox Wong

    Same here. Any update on this? 

  • Dario Samarzija

    Any news on this? We have also recently migrated, and showing requestor is not helpful. Can this be reverted/configurable? 

  • Boris Schütt


    We were (literally) forced to use the new Workspace, since Zendesk switched of the old one.

    I see a discussion about an important topic and a zendesk-notice from 2021 saying "We listen to our customers" and another from January 13 2023 "any news here".

    Leeds to two thoughts:
    1) This is bad, even more for a support tool company. Support is "to solve something".
    2) what do we do with Zendesk, If we cannot work with it, since there is no inzuiton to find the right register?

    So, when to expect changes?


  • Wagner, David

    I would also like to know if there has been any progress made on this? Is this "feature" is incredibly frustrating to my agents as they may have 3-5 tickets from the same requestor open at a time. In that case the only way to differentiate the tabs is via the ticket number which is cumbersome to say the least. The fact that this issue has still not been addressed is incredibly concerning.

  • Siket, Joseph

    I would like to comment here, as even now as my agents are juggling multiple tickets, I am repeatedly frustrated by this arbitrary UI change.  Instead of showing the requester's name, it ought to show the subject of the ticket.  For our purposes, it has greatly complicated matters when working on multiple tickets from the same requester... which happens every single day.  

    I convinced my team back in 2017 to switch to ZenDesk because of its ease of use.  But changes like this really are making us look at alternatives, because it seems pretty clear ZenDesk isn't listening to its customers.  If it were an option, that would be GREAT, because everyone has different needs.  But this forced change?  It's not great.  It's the opposite of great.  It's slowing me, and everybody else down.  

    I posted this in another thread in Zendesks's community forums. 

    I feel like if Zendesk used their own product, they'd see exactly why this is a terrible change, but much like Microsoft and all the other companies out there, it feels like there's a huge disconnect from the people designing ZenDesk's features, and those who actually use it.

  • Rox Wong

    Hi Siket,

    Our Zendesk is now showing the subject name of the ticket and not the requester's name. This change was made last week.

  • Marci Abraham

    Y'all are going to laugh....but I am so frustrated with the change TO having subjects instead of names! I have spent YEARS getting used to the fact that we see names in the tabs. I have come to know my tickets in that context.

    Now I am seeing multiple tickets with non-descriptive subjects (because users don't think about what they are putting in the subject line) and since I have multiple tabs open, I can only see the first few words, which is not really helpful, and it all depends on how the user phrased their subject.

    In some cases, I have more than one ticket with the same subject because we have several forms that fill in the subject automatically and intentionally. But now, if I have several of those open, I don't know which one is which. 

    Another problem is the "next/previous/last" at the bottom of a view. What happened to the numbers? Now I can't tell how many tickets I'm dealing with, how many pages I have to go through, or how much progress I've made. I can't navigate to a particular spot in the queue. 

    To me, the big message to Zendesk is what @Sisket, Joseph said just above: Stop making changes without options. You can't make everyone happy. We should not all be forced into a single model because every situation is different.


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