Allow light agents to make public comments on their requested tickets

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    I agree! So many Zendesks are used cross functionally in an organization and they should be able to update their own requested tickets in the normal fashion....


  • Damon Maranya

    Add my vote to this feature as well.

  • Josef Prandstetter

    We have a very similar request - in our scenario light agents comments should at least be visible (=public) at Help Center - see:


  • Kat Brooks

    I agree too - we just moved to having this feature available and it's causing all sorts of issues!  We put our Client Support team as light agents because they sometimes need access to look at and help us with tickets submitted by the client.  But they also regularly submit new tickets themselves for other matters.  

    First we noticed, as mentioned above, that their tickets were coming in as internal messages.  Not great if they need to CC anyone outside our group, but we could deal.

    Now, we're finding that the email notifications are messed up because of this too.  If we reply, using public reply, to a ticket the light agent submitted, the requestor's email notification will only contain that public reply, it does not have the body text of the original message (that was set as private).  If we reply to the ticket with an internal message, the requestor never gets an email at all.

    So while the ticket itself is setting their messages as internal because of their role, the email system seems to be treating them still as an outside end user.  The two really need to agree.

    My suggestion would be that if a light agent submits a ticket via email, it, and everything following, should be treated as though the requestor is a regular end user (their comments are public, and their emails show only the public replies).

    The workaround we devised is to add the requestor as a follower on the ticket and make any replies as internal messages.  While it works, it's kind of a pain to have to do long term.  We thought this was going to be a great feature to have, but it's turning out to be anything but.


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