Need to target Agents with @mentions in comments on tickets as a trigger condition

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    Nina Olding

    Hi Anthony Ruiz, thanks for the feedback, and thank you for the helpful additional info Chandra Robrock! To confirm, you're looking for a condition within a trigger that has individuals selectable (from which you could then trigger Slack notifications, etc.)? So it would look something like:

    IF cc's contains user_1, user_2, user_3 THEN do an action? I'll happily add this to our list of new trigger conditions and actions that we hope to implement - but want to make sure I'm capturing the capability properly. I can't promise a timeline for this, but it's something we definitely hope to get to. Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Chandra Robrock
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    If I could up-vote this post 1,000 times, I would. Being able to create triggers based on both @mentions and Followers would be a HUGE game changer for us!

    I was actually the author for the User Tips post you mentioned (happy to hear you stumbled upon it!). While it has done wonders for our team, it’s definitely a hacky workaround for a Trigger Condition that I know myself and many other of my colleagues would really benefit from. Luckily, we’re still a pretty small Support team, but the solution will only become even more cumbersome to implement / manage as our team grows.

    The ability to trigger based on Followers would unlock even more value since we utilize Light Agents, so we're often tagging in non-Zendeskers into certain threads. Our company primarily operates out of Slack as well so we're always looking for ways to notify relevant parties of tickets in Slack versus relying on email notifications which can be a tad noisy. 

    Would definitely love to see the ability to trigger based on both the @mention & Followers in the future!

  • Stefan Dao

    Hi @..., I noticed that when I @mention someone on Zendesk, the text is rendered as:

    This is a sample mention of **User's Name**

    in the placeholder. We're essentially swapping the mention out for bolded text. Is there a way we can preserve that mention so we can accurately look up via some ID who the mentioned user is?

  • Joseph James
    Hi Kyle! I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, currently the @ symbol can't be preserve the way we currently have it setup in ZD. 
    Also we won't be able to @ mention a user via ID, @ mention are tied to Help Center accounts and we would have to mention individuals(names or alias) not by ID.
  • Moran R. Gilboa

    I think this is a critical change request; I would consider a separation of following/mentioned entirely so that light agents can also start @mentioning; following is "chatty" and hard to track and mostly gets thrown in a folder, especially with a large organization and very high ticket volumes (and long threads).

    I would like not to get all updates about tickets I need to intervene or read in; instead, I get pointed at a specific comment and can address it faster.


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