Feature Request: HTML or Rich Text Editor for Signatures

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  • Grant Gartland

    We too would like to see HTML or Rich Text editing for Signatures.  Our everyday emails utilize an HTML formatted email signature (specifically with an image to the left of text, which is not currently possible in markup) and it would be helpful to continue the branding across our ticketing.

  • Marina

    I was surprised to see such a rudimentary system for signatures on Zendesk. Coming from Gmail this is much more restrictive. Having a simple HTML interface would also help those of us who are used to using multiple signatures. 

  • Stephen Belleau
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Just throwing this out there for multi-brand use cases - rather than using the signature user field, we simply build it into the trigger notifications. That way we can customize what it looks like per brand with HTML. It has worked fine so far 😊  (or rather than brand, you can use different notify triggers per group, or any ticket property)

    Using signature macros is another option, for an agent to manage multiple different signatures.

  • Brettany Rhodes

    I agree, having the option to customize signatures would be a nice feature to have.

  • Adding HTML or Rich Text editing for Signatures would be a great feature.

  • Amy Broadhead

    Please add an HTML Agent Signature option! Should be standard since the email HTML template is customizable.

  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Friends, 

    In the interim whilst you're waiting for this feature to be built into Zendesk at some point in the future, there is an app in the Zedesk marketplace which can do HTML signatures. You can check it out here:


    Hope this helps. :)

  • Cheng-Chung Wu

    It will help a lot. Please make it happen.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Yes please! 

    Desperate for this - it would give our interactions a much more personal vibe.

  • Markus Schulz

    Would be really useful.

  • Shahab Sabet

    It's 2022 guys... what are you doing?

  • Joanna

    It would be great to see what is happening with this feature. I am sure all brand would, like ourselves, appreciate the ability to use HTML to have the signature of emails sent from Zendesk feel on brand with those sent from other platforms to keep brand image consistent.

  • Ivan Monev


    How can we add signature banner embedded in the signature as image? The goal is the image to be seen when replying into the ticket system.

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Ivan Monev

    You will need to do the following: 

    1. Upload the signature banner somewhere on the internet, either into your own website or upload it as an asset to your Zendesk HC. 

    2. Create a global signature inside Zendesk that utilises the image URL of your banner. Follow the steps here on how to set up a common agent signature.  - Adding an agent signature

    Note: The agent signature in Zendesk uses Markdown to format the signature. - Formatting text with Markdown

    You can also check out our article on How do I setup a Zendesk Agent Signature Template. This one contains some templates which you can copy and paste & update with your own details. :)

    Hope this helps. :)




  • Ryan Findling

    This idea is great! Would love to see it implemented.

  • Aya

    +1 here! We want to change the color and font of the signatures which is not possible with Markdown unless there is a way to do so...

  • Tom Bassingthwaighte

    +1. The Brand Signature feature is fantastic but lacks some very important features. The ability to customise these with HTML would be extremely empowering.

  • Manuel Morales

    Is there any update from Zendesk if this will be a native feature or not?

  • Viktos Administrator

    +1. Would love to add our footer banners for all agents. Definitely helps the brand awareness.

  • Joshua Casey

    Why does it take years for features to roll out? Something this simple too, you guys are supposed to be market leaders... pretty disappointing tbh. Looking for other solutions now.

  • David Lee

    Would be very useful - please just add it in. Above comment is absolutely right - this is a simple addon.

  • Chel

    We'd love to see a full HTML/Rich Text Editor for the Signatures! Please add this for your customers. :)

  • Max


  • Colin Hutzan


    I just added a note for requesters to subscribe to our status page to all agent signatures and without italicization, it looks bizarre 


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