Notification triggers on Organization change

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  • Nina Olding

    Hi @..., thanks for sharing your feedback. This is something we're actively evaluating, so it's great to hear this is an area of interest for you. Can you share a little more about your use case, and how you'd envision the notifications working (e.g. an email, if so, to whom?). Thanks again, we always appreciate you taking the time to share these requests with us.

  • Stephanie McIntyre

    Hi Nina, thanks for the response!  In my vision, I'd like to see a condition:  "Organization is"... and then give the option for Created / Updated (this is very similar to a condition that already exists for Tickets... Ticket is Updated, Ticket is Created)

    Then for the action on the trigger, "Notify Target" where I will use one of our already created target email addresses


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