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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Roman,

    If you're on >Enterprise, this is something you can test from the Sandbox.

    Otherwise, you could analyze the logic by evaluating the sequence of Conditions / Actions, either by filtering them in the UI, or extracting the triggers elsewhere (via the API's Triggers' endpoint) and comparing them conditionally.

    It's relevant to organize and categorize your triggers in a way that makes it easy to understand the applied rules' order - Community tips using triggers

  • Jay Scott

    1000000% Agree!!!!

    I just put in a ticket for CSAT. So we have an automation for customer survey. I am using many placeholders... I just want to see what the user is going to see.... So what, I have to wait in hour per the automation in order to see what my edits did? There needs to be a preview pane SOMEWHERE.... Even if you have a preview window in settings where you can copy paste from somewhere else (triggers, automations, etc) and see what the output will look like so you can edit on the fly without waiting hours to see change results. 

  • Andres

    Also agree that previewing the automations to see how placeholder behave is important. It turns out some of the place holders don't work if you don't have the Help Center activated.


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