Idea: Making emails collapsable in ticket

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  • Ade Cendekia

    I absolutely like this idea.

    Below perhaps a kind of design for the collapsible feature, not sure if it helps though:

    1. When it's Expanded:


    2. When it's Collapsed:


    Best regards,


  • Nicholas Cornia

    My company just switched from using Salesforce to using Zendesk to handle client support matters, and this is one feature we actually miss from Salesforce. Would love to see this implemented in Zendesk since it would allow us at a glance to see the number of communications without scrolling through the entire thread of each email.

    Ade's design concept is exactly what we would like to see.

  • Kevin Losso

    We have been using Zendesk for seven months now, having switched from Salesforce. While I find that Zendesk is a huge improvement for us, there is one area that I find frustrating: Email thread handling. Any option that would allow one to limit the view of the thread would be greatly appreciated. We are looking to roll-out Zendesk globally at our company and I would hate for this to prove a stumbling block. I would not look forward to regressing to Salesforce!

  • Rusty Wilson

    Please add the ability to collapse updates inside of cases. As a provider of complex enterprise software our cases are usually VERY long, and often a single update to/from a customer can be very very long.

    Please also allow the user to choose if the default is all collapsed or all expanded.

    The first suggestion above is an excellent implementation idea.

    Please do NOT do what Gmail does and collapse messages "in-between" most recent and oldest. I need to see some basic info associated with each update.

  • Sierra Lite agent

    I also like this idea... customers often email back with a copy the entire email thread within each of their reply emails, as a result of the email client they are using or the way they choose to reply.

    This can make for very messy email threads with messages repeated many times, making it difficult to follow the history. It unfortunately seems that the more challenging customers who require more back and forth tend to be the ones who send replies in this way...

    Being able to collapse each reply would make this much easier to navigate.



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