Using CCs as conditions for Triggers and Automations

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  • Greg O'Neill SMC

    Hi Kyna,


    You can create and organisation using your external email address's domain.

    You can then trigger off any ticket with that organisation.

  • KYNA

    Hi Greg, 

    I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately did not get the expected result. If I do make an Organization specific for my external email address, where should I set the rules that would look at the Organization of the CCed email address? 

    Would you know if there currently is a way for Zendesk to detect the organization of cced email addresses? I understand it only looks at the organization of the requester, in this case, our end-users and not the cced external email address.


  • Greg O'Neill SMC

    Sorry Kyna,

    I thought that might have worked for you.


  • CJ Johnson

    Oh gosh I really, really could use this feature. CC's user tags don't even get added to tickets, so there's no way to action anything related to them. This would solve a big problem I have at the moment. 

  • Hawk Swearingen
    Zendesk Luminary

    Upvoting this post as it is an issue we constantly deal with in our organization. We have sales members who email into our support addresses, but our actual clients are CC'd on the emails they send in, so they don't necessarily route correctly every time (since our sales members don't work with specific CS teams). 

    Having a solution where we could somehow create logic on the back end to properly route tickets based on CCs too would be fantastic, in addition to when an email is sent to more than one support address.

  • Stijn van Esveld

    Upvoting as well as we have quite some trouble routing emails correctly due to the lack of this option

  • Brandon Martus

    We would very much like to create triggers based on CC email addresses.


    Sometimes people are responding to a customer outside of Zendesk, but also CC'ing our main support email, which doesn't get picked up by our normal email routing (which is based on Received At).

  • [VI] Julia Laars


    we also do need this feature.

    We connected multiple e-mail addresses to Zendesk and routing them to a specific group with a specific prio by the condition "received at".

    Unfortunately all the e-mails send TO a seller/sales person but with our Cutomer Service in CC are routed to the wrong group of agents in Zendesk.

    We're having a lot of use cases within our 13 brands where customers sending something to the Customer Service in CC. All of these emails are currently falling out of routing triggers, making Zendesk useless.

    Please add a feature to solve this.

  • Casey Eisenberg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Upvoting this as well, most basic would just be to allow CC'd emails to add their tags onto tickets

  • Kathrin Lemberg

    Upvoting this as well as we receive emails of internally forwarded postboxes and would need a trigger based on the ccéd recipient. 


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