Zendesk Voice: New call notification through speakers, call through headset


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    Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Update for August 2023

    This is on our roadmap and will be addressed in 2024. This is part of our overhaul of Talk Call Console so it will take some time. Thank you for your patience.



    Update for 2022 

    Hi All, 

    We see a lot of value in implementing this feature. 

    We are currently exploring how we can get this to market quicker considering our current roadmap priorities, I will endeavour to update this post in 60 days on next steps


    -- previous reply --

    Your participation on this topic has been overwhelming and your voice was heard. We are glad to let you know that we are picking up this requirement as part of our Voice of Customer investment for the future of Talk, also considering the current working situation faced by many employees.

    Our plan is to offer a UI switch to select the output channel for audio so that agents will be able to select their preferred choice, based on their situation (e.g. away from the PC, with no headphones). 

    We are currently not in a position to offer a specific timeline due to the multiple active initiatives on Talk, but we will update this post again as soon as we are closer to a release.

    Thanks again for the feedback and keep it coming.

    Product Team

  • Ernest

    "I will endeavour to update this post in 60 days on next steps" - It's been over 1 year since your comment and 11 years since the original post. Do you have a solution Joey?

  • Patrick Stark


  • David Oegren

    We are also struggling with the inability of Zendesk to address different sound outputs to actually hear an incoming Talk call.

    To us that's a pretty basic must have for a call software since not every agent has his headset on for 8h straight.

    When can we expect a solution?

  • Ben Wilcox
    Zendesk Luminary

    So we're over 10 years from when this was requested and there were promised responses.  Can we get an update to where this is on the roadmap?  Is it on 2023's, for example?  Would love to see this.

  • Louise B

    11 years and still waiting. Poor Donny will be retired by the time we get a ringtone through system speakers.

  • Michael Garrett

    I cant imagine there would be anything hard to implement here. A small desktop application which connects to your Zendesk and provides a pop up on your screen which allows you to answer/decline a call. 


    Having calls come in while my speakers are on mute or if my headset is plugged in but not wearing it means we miss calls. 


    Zendesk, any plans or suggestions? 

  • Jonathan Kettle

    I think the round robin feature is very limiting. We've had to pull the project today because it's the only way you can make the phones ring. 


    I don't how you get away charged so much when so many features are missing. 

  • Peter Birch

    No updates?

  • Alan Green

    Any updates on this?  I have some members of my team who never hear their Zendesk Talk phone ringing via the browser.


  • Fabrice Vermeer

    I would also be very interested to see when this will be available, we just switched to ZD talk and are finding a lot of nuisances with the system that is making this transition a bit hard 

  • Mike

    Dear Pia Lai

    If you use chrome you can allow your browser to notify incoming calls by a pop-up.

    Here you can ad zendesk: chrome://settings/content/notifications

  • Jaimin

    Is there any updates on the timelines for this to be rolled out given that we are at end of 3rd quarter for 2022?


  • André Moestaredjo

    Any news on this feature?

  • John Hansen

    Is there any update on this? It's been well over 60 days since the march 22 update. 10 years since the feature request. 

  • Atanas Tomov

    +1 for this. Some kind of solution would be 100% beneficial to our company as well.

  • Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    I plan to open the Browser Based notifications for Zendesk Voice as a Beta in the coming weeks. If you are interested please sign up for the beta here. https://zendesk.wufoo.com/forms/zendesk-voice-browser-based-notifications/


  • Luke Barnett

    Neil, your update didn't solve anything the original poster mentioned.

    Phones have ring tones, we cannot hear the ring tones if the headset is plugged in, we need a feature where the ring tone can be heard through the speakers.

    Or else Zendesk voice feature is always going to be second to conventional VOIP phone systems.


  • Kevin Pollard

    I agree with what everyone is saying here. It's not practical to set your default speaker for your whole computer to your headset. You only want to use your headset while in a call.

  • Michael J

    Yes please! 

    This sort of thing works in other chat/call clients, wheras the ringing comes through the speakers, but as soon as I answer, the speakers become my headset.

    I have my laptop speakers set as the "Default Output device" but my headset as my "Default Communication device". It'd be great if Zendesk Voice could support this.

  • Robin de Waal

    Is there any news related to this question? We just started to use ZD voice and immediately we found out that calls are being missed because agents don't have their headset on all day. Hope there is a solution for this problem soon because in our opinion this is a must for giving our customers professional support.




  • Jonathan Kettle

    We have the same issue.

    You can make the headset and speakers work together with independent volume controls


    Will work for a few but not all

  • Lars Værland


    This is basic functionality when handling phone calls.

    We are using our headsets with several browser based conference call applications as well as Skype for business, Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger (Both browser based and through applications). The common denominator is that it is possible to route the new call notification through external speakers without switching sound devices manually from headset to external speakers and back again. If not native so with an application in the taskbar handling this.

    When are this basic functionality landing in Zendesk talk?

  • Travis Tubbs

    I know there hasn't been any action since the official response a year ago but I wanted to throw in my vote for this feature that is desperately needed.

    As noted in the response, small teams like the one I manage systems for needs this feature as they're not always at their desk. And asking them to always wear their headsets (which at least are wireless) is something I really didn't want to burden them with.

  • Hamesri Sasiwaran

    Has there been any kind of update on this function - @nicole

  • Rhys

    adding my voice to this one. 
    a desktop app linked to zendesk should be an easy way to trigger an external sound when an incoming call happens 

  • Violeta Micu



    A vote from my side as well :(.




  • Jose Mari de Leon

    Any news on this feature?

  • Peter

    Any news on this feature?  This is a necessity for our business. 

  • ContactCenter KoreaSBD

    Any update ? 

    All I want is that , Call notification is much bigger and placed in the middile of screen 

    so agent hardly miss it .




    when it rings, it rings from the speak or PC it self first , and they pick the call,

    communication wil be made throughout headset


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