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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Update April 26, 2023

    Hello community

    A couple of updates

    -To set custom roles it requires an enterprise account

    -We are looking to deliver the ability to store your recordings in the EMEA and APAC around Q3

    -Work to support more roles in connection to access control is currently being prioritised for 2024 



    Thank you for your comments. Access control is something that is being considered but at the moment it is not part of our short term roadmap. At this time, access is tied to ticket access. So as an alternative, if you use custom roles to control ticket access, you can control access to recordings.


  • Annie Baker

    Our company would like to also see this functionality added to Zendesk talk. Being able to limit call recording access to designated roles would be helpful with PCI compliance. 

  • Kevin Stam

    Same here.

    We use the recordings for coaching and training (by Senior colleagues). But we don't want our Junior agents to listen to conversation of their colleagues and use them in their work.

  • Priscilla Shaw

    Any updates on this request?

    We would also like phone recordings to only be available to admins and managers. Our agents would prefer that limitation as well.

  • Gerardo

    Hi, I agree with all the comments here, it would be ideal to have the option to limit to listen to agents the call recordings. We just need them for training and quality reasons, in this case is not the agent that should be able to listen. 

    Is there also a way to filter those tickets with recordings?


  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 this would really benefit our team as we want to keep our Agent's interactions private unless needed

  • Ben

    Definitely needed!  It's a privacy concern for agents and clients, and this all or nothing approach is very strange.

    As admin/manager we need the ability to listen back for monitoring and training purposes. Also it is good for agents to be able to revisit their own recordings.

    But for agents it is weird and uncomfortable that any random colleague can listen to their conversations at any time and any place.

    Also, these conversations usually cover some deeply personal topics for our clients.

    As far as we know, no agents actually listen to other agents' conversations, but there is no way to be sure. This should not have to depend on trust and assumptions.

  • Ryan Murphy

    This should absolutely be standard.... disappointing. 

  • Gerardo


    why no community moderator of Zendesk had some thoughts on this topic?

    Can we get a feedback?

  • dschmidt

    Agreed. It should be possible to limit playback of call recordings to Admins and Team Leads. It is bad enough that full Agents can listen to each other's recorded calls, but it especially complicates the rollout of Light Agents.


    Are there any updates on this at all? At the moment we are in a quick expansion of our ZD users and we do not want every agent who uses ZD to be able to listen to calls. It would be ideal if only Team Leads and Amin have access to this feature in ZD. 

  • Daniel Seawright

    I am looking for updates on this as well. We are needing to limit access to voice recordings. I also see a trend in the unresponsiveness from Zendesk when requesting things like this.  

  • Kevin Kunstmann

    I absolutely agree to Ben and Daniel. This is in fact a privacy concern and Zendesk is not handling this very well...

  • Ben

    Sean Chuang I am grateful to have an answer on this matter, yet also I have to chime in with Daniel and Kevin: this is an obvious privacy concern (I'm surprised it has been allowed to exist this long and not get flagged sooner) and I find Zendesk's handling of this matter lacking. 

    I looked into using custom roles to limit ticket access, and it appears to require an Enterprise subscription, which we do not have and should not need to ensure basic privacy for our agents and clients. 

  • Smagghe, Benoit

    Sean Chuang
    I'm digging into Custom Roles and cannot find any option for restricting the access to call recordings, is this feature live ?

  • Heimen van Duinkerken

    We need it!

  • Markos Arnold

    Dear Masters of the Roadmap - we need it urgently! My company wants to record incoming calls and can only get permission to do so if we can have dedicated access management here.
    PLUS: we need to have these recordings stored within the EU as our compliance policies restrict any data storage outside EU borders. It would be very helpful if you could work with Twillio on such a solution. Thank you very much for this!

  • Charlotte Oram

    This feels like a GDPR / data privacy violation - how is there still not a fix in place for this?

  • Katie Stuart

    We need this ability too! Our field leaders do not need to listen to our guests phone calls, they just need to be able to reach out to them if/when needed. Please make this a functionality!


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