Limiting the number of CC's to less than 48

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  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    That is concerning, however there is reason for spammers to do this as Zendesk has relatively recently enforced that the first auto-reply does not include the original comment. So the only thing the CCs could receive is the content from your auto-reply. I'm not sure that CCs receive an auto-reply, you could test this.
    You may be able to build a rule in your mail forwarding (if using a custom domain) that could filter these out.
    Limiting the CCs to 5 doesn't really eliminate the problem, as they can just send more emails. There is a request to increase the number of CCs too I believe. It is fairly unlikely that an option to reduce the CCs will be added any time soon.

  • Mark Szymanski

    My enhancement request would be to make the number configurable.  Why an arbitrary 48?  So many other robust feature sets in the product.  Doesn't seem that it would be difficult.

    I'm rather surprised there a request for more.  At that point, why not use an alias or distro list.  Who or in what circumstances is someone going to want to add more than 48 individual addresses?  (I suppose they could copy and paste them in at once rather than 1 at a time, but then would still have to maintain that elsewhere.)

    Also, although limiting the number would not eliminate the problem, it would likely greatly reduce it.  Spam is like security and many other problems - there's no single solution which eliminates the entire problem.  It's a many of reducing severity and frequency.  Just because you can't eliminate all break-ins or breaches doesn't mean you don't have measures in place to limit them.  Besides, most spammers are using automated tools, probably not checking individual replies to see the limits and then manually sending a series of messages to work around such a limit.

    Thanks for the suggestion about verifying the auto-reply does not include the original message.  I confirmed that is true.


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