Forwarding an email that has CCs from personal email account to Zendesk, a ticket is created without the CCs.

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  • Ilker Sen

    To expand on this request, a common scenario is: Customer sends direct email to agent/light-agent.  When that email is forwarded by agent/light-agent, ZenDesk creates the ticket and sets the requester to the original sender (if agent fwd option is enabled), which is great. However, the CCs on the original email are not retained on the ticket. Worse is that there is no indication that there were CCs to begin with. The only way to know there were CCs is to view the original email. 

    There are no problems with CCs when customers send email to support@. Only when direct emails are forwarded, the CCs are lost. "View original email" is the only way to see them, however it's not feasible to check the original email for CCs on every ticket.

    A much needed feature improvement on agent forwards is:
    - Capture CCs in forwarded emails.

  • Markus Schulz

    Also from my point of view this is a huge problem because Agents are not aware that the requester has put some other people as CC on his email and during the answer these people do not receive the Agents answer.

    But why is the requester putting some people as CC? Because the topic is also important or interesting for them. Due to the fact that zendesk 'cuts' the CCs these people will not be informed and the requester (= customer) has to forward our Agents answer manually -> not customer friendly behaviour of our company from the customer point of view.

  • Win Stacy

    Have the same use case. Agents are receiving emails to their personal work accounts, and most of these emails have others cc'd on them.

    The agents are replying to the email and adding the support address. Which gets the conversation in Zendesk but the ticket requester is not correct.

    Want to share the agent forwarding solution, but it doesn't support cc's.

  • Eric Tung

    Just noticed this limitation as well. CCs should be included in the ticket after the email is forwarded to Zendesk. Now I have to manually re-add all the CCs in the ticket, which is annoying. When Zendesk is going to work on this item?


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