Remove "Dashboard/Get Started" button

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  • Daniel Niemeier

    This has also been bugging me. Please let us remove those buttons

  • Lauren Cramer

    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to hide it even if we don't complete all 3 steps. 

  • Jonas Haase

    Yes! That annoys me every time I am on a small screen. Which is often in these times. I can't even get the screen size back witch hiding the element.

  • Jack Crane

    The facebook section of this 'Get Started' checklist does not work.

    And there should be a way to remove the checklist and never show it again. The Customer Success (onboarding team) has really caused a more challenging user experience (not better). Please empower the user to be able to dismiss or just remove, I argue that this checklist is not saving Zendesk any support tickets (just creating greater user frustrations).

  • Jason Metzler

    Let me delete this thing. I hate it.

  • Jona Wilmsmann

    I just want to jump in here and say that i share the frustration. Our company doesn't even use Facebook, so I can't complete the checklist even if I wanted to.

    Would be great if I could just dismiss the section.

  • Joel Hellman

    Agree, please throw it away. It breaks all rules for views and confuses everyone, and is just a headache because some agent's might pick tickets from there instead of the Views we have set up for them. 

    Or add a "hide" option for it in Admin, and those that uses the "Home/dashboard" can continue to use it. Really really annoyed we still haven't been able to hide / dissmiss this thing that just creates issues for our agents who start working in Zendesk.

  • Joel Hellman

    Screenshot to clarify what interface I'm referring to:

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Agreed. Dashboard has never been of ANY use to us. If you can't let us customize it, then please let us hide it.

  • Barry Celliers

    Yes please, allow us to configure or remove.

  • Ben Howard

    YES!! Please let us hide this stuff.

  • Paul Beltrani

    Leaving cruft in place with no way to remove it is a poor design.  I'm sure this is low priority but the optics are terrible and it annoys the customers.  (See above)

    Consider moving this feature to the 1st/Example ticket.  i.e. the initial ticket is "setup your subscription"   Then the user can close/delete as they see fit.


  • Alberto Dalla Nora

    Please, delete it

  • Kia Sanders

    I would love to delete this. 

  • Jacob C.

    This is a bad look. Makes me look bad to my clients the I am getting on this platform. Seems basic that this doesn't auto remove once completed. Please address this asap.



    Yes, please let us hide this button. It is bad for agents and admins.

  • Paul Farr

    +1 Surely it's not needed once all of the tasks are ticked off? Needs a removal option.

  • Fabian Späth

    Can you please give us the option to remove the "get startet"-Button! Since its already over one year, since this request startet, i would be happy to see it gone shortly :-) Thanks!

  • Charlie T

    This is so annoying. Pls remove it. Why waste UI space?!

  • FnZ55

    I have already configured everything I need but it still doesn't go away. Why isn't there a "hide section" config somewhere?

  • Katherine Isaac

    I thought it was just me... I'd like it gone too, please.

  • Mark Ganusevič

    Really distracting, please just give us a checkbox to remove it. :)

  • Will

    please remove. makes user feel crappy for it to hang around. UX 101. looks like it was a request from 2 years ago. 

  • Casey Eisenberg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Is there any kind of workaround for not allowing agents to use the dashboard? This is a major issue for cherry-picking and agents viewing their own ticket statistics. We really only want them to work out of the views page.

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Casey,

    Currently, it is not possible to disable/remove the Support Dashboard for agents. 

    Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. Thank you!
  • Casey Ralls

    This is definitely an issue. The Get Started is always the default tab. I've completed everything accept facebook connection and it throws an error when I try to connect facebook so the Get Started can never be fully completed. Would like to remove it and have it go to Dashboard by default.

  • Stefan Kossian

    I also vote for the possibility of hiding if you already can not customize the page 

  • Richard J

    Upvote to remove/hide this on complete or even not completing.

  • Naomi Greenall

    Adding onto this thread in hopes it will stay relevant. This thread has been commented on since 2020. Please take this feedback and make some necessary changes! The dashboard tab is not customizable and does not have the ability to be hid. All of our users use the views tab or lovely views...not dashboard. I do not need new users coming in here and browsing other tickets that do not apply to them. I also do not need users mistaking this tab as our home page when views should be used instead. I don't understand why you can customize your ability to view tickets in roles, groups, etc. but can't hide a dashboard?


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