Choosing ticket to merge another ticket with

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  • Gail Leinweber
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jack,

    Yes, it's expected that if the ticket has been solved it won't show up on the auto-suggestions for possible merges. Since this is a common issue for you might be best off getting better visibility about the other tickets before the first ticket is solved. You can use an app like Ticket History to pull recent ticket activity and see if there open tickets that look related when working on a ticket, to hopefully get the merge taken care of sooner rather than later. 

  • Alex (Admin)

    +1 on this one. I expect the behaviour should be: if the same user (same email address) has another existing ticket, Zendesk should detect it and suggest it in the list without having to enter the ticket ID.

    Not having this option just adds a bunch of clicks to the flow and is not intuitive. Please consider changing it

  • Automate My Store
    we were dealing with exactly the same problems as you.
    We now created an app for us to solve this issue once and for all. If you want it too, check it out here:
    It checks if the same customer (email address) opened multiple tickets (new, open, pending) and notifies you in the sidebar if the current ticket has any duplicates (by showing you the subjects & an extract of the message). You do not have to enter a ticket ID or anything.
    You then just need to click 1 button and merge them all or unselect a few, if you don't want to merge them all (e.g. because it's a different problem)
    The merged tickets will be solved/closed automatically and it automatically adds a private note with a link to the ticket this was merged into, so your tickets stay organized.
    It's super simple & efficient, and we tested it with 10,000s of our own tickets.
    And let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions to improve it

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