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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for your continued input here, it's truly appreciated. We don't have any enhancements planned in this area currently, but do have a couple of capabilities that we think can solve for the use cases many of you have. Those are to use Light Agents and/or Side Conversations.

    If either of those don't meet your needs, one of our customers posted a clever solution here using http targets and triggers. 

    If none of these work for you, please continue to upvote and comment on this thread as we do regularly review customer feedback and our plans can change based on what we hear.

  • William Chase Myer


    This is something that I have had to troubleshoot as well and is relevant to forwarding tickets to an external email address article. 

    You have two options from what I have been able to identify, well 3, if you purchase the app. 

    1.) Add CC manually while creating the ticket.

    2.) Create a trigger that activates an "email target" extension under settings in Admin view. (you can only have 1 email per extension/trigger) Guide here

    3.)  Purchase the email forwarder app on the marketplace for $5.99 per agent per month. 


    Ultimately, if the other team members are not integrated into ZD as an agent, at the very least, these will be your best options. Sadly, the easiest option would be #1. However, if you want to automate the process and you are willing to build the workflow and maintain it, option #2. 

    Best of luck!

  • Shanta Nathwani

    I second this feature. It would be nice to be able to forward requests that don't actually belong to us, but to one of our clients. We support their help desk, not their end users. I want to be able to copy their help desk so the end user doesn't have to start all over again. 

  • Ty Montgomery

    I third this. The feature would honestly save us so much time. The trigger is too specific. Adding a CC in macro's would be soooo much easier.

  • Yann Hervé-Bazin

    Yes, this is a must ! Please add this feature in macro's ! It would save my team so much time.

  • Glen Weston

    This would save a lot of time for my team too, please can we can get an idea of whether this is being considered by zendesk?

  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    I'm upvoting this.

    We are in a use case were we need to forward some tickets to endusers that we cannot convert to Light Agent (because we need them to stay endusers to create tickets with public comments).

  • Linnea Mulholland

    I'm upvoting this as well. Our team provides tier 1 support for some of our customers and tier 2 for other customers. Sometimes the users of the tier 2 customers email us and we have to forward to the tier 1 team. It would be very handy to be able to add the external team's email to the macro.

  • Eric

    I really hope this becomes a standard feature as it would be a time saver. 

  • Petri

    This feature would be very useful, so please consider adding it to Zendesk.

  • John Garry

    our team would also find this helpful.  Please add!

  • Andy Dibiasi

    I was honestly surprised CCs don't show up in the Macros action list. It seems rather basic to me. Even with light agents etc. the behavior is different to Followers it seems: when CCed in the Macro, the agent gets a notification, when mad a follower in the very same reply step not (at least if agent notifications for each ticket change are off, what you would usually do).

    Can CCs be added as Action please?


    Update: I just figured out, my specific case can be solved by using side conversation (must be enabled, only available in Profession& up). For my usecase they are even more powerful than the CC solution would have been. More on Side conversation here and in the articles mentioned behind that link: 

  • Antonio Cole


    As a user, I would like the ability to create a macro and include a specific email as a CC'ed contact, instead of having to manually type that CC'ed contact every time I reply to a ticket.  

    For example, I'm a CSM, and I need to CC a specific Hubspot email address every time I reply to a ticket, and I use macros for 9/10 responses.  It's very tedious to constantly click CC, then type the address, when I can do everything else in ZD with a macro.  I want there to be an option where I could just add this email address to my macros.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Jesse Sarkis

    Our organization would also love to have the ability to add non-agent CCs (non-followers) in macros. This would help us to create new macros and be a great speed boost for some of our most common macros.

  • Nikki

    I'd appreciate this too. I have macros to refer some end-users to their System Admins, who are covering Tier 1. Those System Admins are not agents with us. I have to manually add them as cc's each time.


    I did see the suggestion to use Side Conversations and I'll give that a go.

  • Émilie Plater

    My team would also love the ability to add CC's with macros as it would be a huge time saver. Adding CC's manually is tedious, especially with tickets/questions that are just being passed-off.

  • Stephen Pascoe

    Same here I would love to be add CC's to a Macro .. My customers need sign off from their supervisor and I would like to be able to copy them in to my reply

  • Chris Bryant

    Really need this here too so upvoting.

  • Jakob Olsen

    We are also welcoming an solution on this one! 

  • Stephen Pascoe

    All the requests but still don't see this as a worthy and simple addition. Sadly, neither light agents nor side conversations would do it. Love to see how many customers need to suggest a feature before litmos takes on customers advice. Hasn't happened to me yet!!

  • Philipp Schumacher

    Adding email addresses to CC would make a lot of our processes simplier and more failure proof as well. Please add this feature in the near future :)

  • Ian Apruzzese

    Our use case is to have managers and team leads automatically CC'd on tickets based off a custom field. The lack of this feature and the apathy from Zendesk on rectifying this, instead going for a money grab by suggesting lite agents $$$ if the primary reason we are making plans to leave Zendesk and migrate to a different platform. This is an unacceptably missing feature, that is being intentionally hobbled by Zendesk.

  • Katarina Swank

    Upvoting as well! We have some use cases where our agents need to always CC an end user to every ticket. This would be it a lot easier for them!


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