Avoiding agent collision on mobile app

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Sandy -

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We'll continue to collect comments and votes on this thread to
    gauge impact and need from other users.

  • I must agree, this feature needs to be added urgently to th mobile app asap! We have mobile only agents who frequently end up causing ticket collisions because they don't have a way to notice that a desktop agent is already working on writing an answer to the same ticket. Please add this feature and keep us from wasting our agents time when they could be already working on another open ticket.

  • Sandy Atkinson

    We still continue to have issues with agent collision. It happens even when agents are on the desktop version and save a ticket, it does not update to the app showing the ticket has been taken by another agent. This causes duplicate responses and is very confusing to our customers. Our agents use the App quite frequently as this is how we respond to our customers during non-business hours. Please Zendesk fix this issue. 


  • Josh



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