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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for your continued interest in this important capability. I'd like to provide you with an update.

    We recently launched two enhancements to our SLA capabilities, introducing more targets and giving you more options to put targets on your workflow:

    1. Group SLAs
    2. Total Resolution Time

    Coming in Q3 will be the ability to apply reply-time metrics to Chat and Messaging conversations. Initially, you'll be able to define these targets in minutes, but later on we'll give you the ability to define these in seconds.

    Our final release of the year will deliver the ability to customize what activates and fulfills SLA metrics. This will plug common gaps right now where reply time metrics don't get applied to a ticket.

    While we won't be able to release it this year, we are still committed to offering real-time alerts, and proactive reminders for SLAs, with minute based granularity. We expect to be able to offer this in H1 of next year.

  • Rachel Kelly

    We need alerts for upcoming SLA breaches in production on a constant basis.  As our volume increases this will only become even MORE critical.

  • Joel Hellman

    I agree there are many scenarios where hourly automations on SLA metrics are not enough. If you run a tight SLA (under a couple of hours), at least 10 minutes granularity is needed. Right now on our twitter channel, we have two hours, and the hourly automations doesn't help us. 

  • Dirk Popelka

    This is one of the Risks in our Go Live and none of the apps like Timers pass our security review, so we need some in-app functionality. 

  • Serena Bond

    Adding a comment to bump this. I'm even trying to get creative with automations to get a trigger to go off when a ticket breaches and I'm hitting the "automation can only go off once on a ticket" error.

    Please explain how "Ticket: Hours Since Created / (calendar) Less Than / 1 hour" can hit more than once on a ticket....? A ticket can only increase the hours since it's creation. It can never be created for less than an hour more than once if Zendesk automations only check once an hour already.

    If we cannot set any triggers up based on SLA or Queue, there HAS to be a way to identify tickets where the SLA has breached and send out a notification to the team. Maybe create a "ticket_breached" tag as a Zendesk Feature? or create a way to send out notifications based on when a ticket enters a specific queue?

  • Simon

    I agree - we have a first response target of 2 hours for most tickets, but 15 minutes on urgent ones; if all agents are active within other tickets, these can be overlooked when the automations only account for an hour intervals.

  • Robert Jerina

    This is very much needed. Hourly automations is just horrible.

  • Winston Price


    This is what I consider to be the Achilles Heel of Zendesk, as my organization is contractually obligated to reply back to customers in specific timeframes for specific priorities.  If these can't be set properly, they are completely useless to us.  This is actually a black and white scenario.

    I consider this to be a major design flaw for SLAs and will have to ignore them until this is fixed.  The option to either set by hours or minutes, or to accept non whole integers (0.25 for 15 minutes, for example) are both acceptable solutions for this issue.  As Mr. Novak mentions above, this would be a reason for us to start looking for other help desk providers.


    Winston Price

  • Eric Madura

    Not only does this need to have a minute function, the automation needs to fire when the SLA violation happens - not waiting for an "hourly cron" to fire off.

    Your design of this appears to be misguided - why have an SLA if you end up having to wait 60 minutes between cycles?  Why have SLA's to begin with?


    This needs to be fixed immediately - this thread has been open for 2.5 years - get with it Zendesk and listen to your customers! 


    We're actively exploring other ticketing systems because of this - nothing personal....

  • Michael Assis



    This is another request to add the ability for SLA breach to automatically do something straight away.


    Like many others, the company I work for relies on having an alert sent to PagerDuty if a SLA is breached. Having tested the system and having tried multiple ways to try to get this functionality with what Zendesk offers, I have finally reached the point where I now need to look at moving to another product. 

    Now I understand that it's extremely taxing on a system to poll triggers every minute, for 1000s of instances of Zendesk, but surely it's easier enough that on SLA breach, the system can do "something". You're already tracking the time of an SLA and you already know when it's about to breach. 


    Honestly, it doesn't seem to me like Zendesk has really thought out this process at all. What's the point of having an SLA in the first place if you then wait an hour before anything happens? 



  • Michal Novak

    We also have the need to track SLA's in minutes for our mission critical clients. Hours are not working for us. This may be one of the main reasons for us moving from Zendesk to other solution.



  • Craig

    +1! We need the ability to setup an SLA notification 15 mins prior to it being breached to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible service...I take it this is not currently available??

  • Erik Rutten

    +1 We also have SLAs with targets set anywhere from 30-60 minutes. We'd need to notify key people if SLA is 15 min from breach. Do you have any updates for when we can expect to see this functionality?

  • Elizabeth Toy

    It seems a simple solution would be to allow fractions of numbers in the field for Hours since/until next SLA breach, as opposed to whole numbers. Then .25 would be 15 minutes, 1.5 would be 90 minutes, etc.


  • Igal Dar

    I agree 100% with Dirk. W have strict policies and as much as a non-Zendesk app can solve our issue we cannot get approval to use it.

    It doesn't make sense that the ticket holds that data, easily accessible by an API call and we can get nd read policy_metrics but Zendesk Support automation does not provide the granularity needed to manage SLA notifications efficiently.

  • Sara Ledger

    I would like to echo Aaron's comment/request for an update. We have a 3 minute and a 10 minute SLA alerting need and the SLA Timers app is causing other issues on our tickets so it doesn't fully solve our needs. 

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Geordyn Ader Thanks for the question! My comment from October last year is at the top of the previous page so you may have missed it. You are right that SLAs has gone without investment for a while, but over a year ago we started rebuilding our platform for SLAs. That foundational work has been completed, and we've been working on Group SLAs, which will allow you to separately measure and put a target for a specific group, when a ticket gets assigned to that group. That will be released later this quarter, or early next quarter. We have other investments planned for later this year, and that does include real time notifications! In the meantime though check out our Marketplace where Sweethawk's timers app can be used to provide alerting as a stop gap.

  • Erin Boyle

    Hi all,

    I'm working with a company called ALTAIR SIX that's interested in extending Zendesk's SLA functionality. I think it might be especially relevant to all of you on this post.

    If you're interested, we'd love to ask you a few questions to further understand your use cases. You can do that (and opt in or out of chatting with us further) by filling out this form:


    (Note: Just to remove any potential confusion, I am not currently affiliated with Zendesk)

  • Ellen James

    I can't stress how much we need this functionality.  Having recently implemented Zendesk, this is the only area that we feel is lacking and doesn't meet our needs.  SLA management was a really big reason for selecting Zendesk over other products and to find that the functionality is hampered by hourly automation process is a massive let down - to say the least.

  • Dailymotion Support

    +1 here. It's a very important feature for all the product with Premium users and clients.

  • VK

    I'd also love to have minute increments. As Mark Sadegursky said it makes no sense to give us the option to have SLA's in minutes but not add triggers for them.

  • Jo Herbert

    We really really need this! 

    We have customer that has a SLA level but they require a response of 1hour

    If I use hours then we are already breaching the SLA. 

    Please can you get minutes implemented! 



  • The Original DKNY

    Hourly  SLA's does not cut these days, Customers are used to instant responses.  We as admins need to be able to give our Agents better signals of what needs to be addressed next.  In order to have a better signal to noise ratios, 5-minute intervals in needed. Automations need to run every 15-30 minutes, not maybe every 60-65. 

  • Igal Dar

    Just a quick note to probably set expectations from what I came to know the product - Zendesk has a built in refresher, a task that runs in the background and indexes everything, checks for triggers and fires off events, which runs once an hour. We don't know when exactly, as dev ops may fine tune timing to make sure there are no collisions on pods. This explains hourly triggers (roughly an hour, we don't how much time a task takes), in Zendesk Support as well as Explore.

    In order to have a granular per-minute trigger, there needs to be a task that runs every minute and scans the triggers DB table vs the data. It cannot be the refresher (or whatever its true name is), as that is a huge one. So the request is to build a new engine that runs every minute and performs a subset of that task.

    We, as customers, do not know how taxing this is on pods and what is the toll on performance, for a per-minute task.

    Please don't get me wrong, this is a great product, and it's top-tier. I do think that engineering needs to be creative in finding a solution for this. Maybe spin up shadow pods that their whole purpose is perform tasks (split it from the UI). The bottom line is that other products have this feature, and this is what customers expect to get. Especially when dealing with SLA, which can have financial impact, as the gentleman posting above noted.


  • Aaron Miller

    This feels a little like shouting into the void at his point, but I will add that our support team also needs more granular SLA timing.  We have a 2-hour SLA, so being notified halfway through is not especially helpful for us, and paying extra for an addon that should really be natively supported is a tough pill to swallow for those budgeting.  Zendesk, we would love to hear if you have a plan for this.

  • Aaron Miller

    Hi Dave,

    I did see that, but the four-month-old comment about SLA functionality being a priority this year doesn't inspire much confidence in a five-year-old thread as we move into the fourth quarter of the year.  Are there any updates?

  • Aaron Miller

    Even once every 15 minutes or 10 minutes would be a massive improvement for a lot of us.

  • Sara Ledger

    @... We're running into race conditions with tags being removed if the action adding a tag is occurring at the same time as the Timer action. I've reached out to Zendesk who said it would need to be handled by the Developer and I reached out to Sweethawk who said it should be handled by Zendesk and that I was only the second customer to report this issue.

    With the race conditions, the tag will just be removed but you won't even see a removal event in the ticket event history and you have to assume its based on the timestamps of two similar actions.

    We have several automations/triggers that run off of other tags and we are in an emergency industry so the fact that tags are being removed is impacting ticket workflow, agent response, and reporting. Makes it very difficult for other other processes to run smoothly with the tags removed and our Agents questioning what they did wrong on a ticket when they didn't do anything wrong, it was the Timers app throwing off the flow. 

  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    Quick update: we've had word from Zendesk this is going to be addressed by one of their core teams, however they could not advise an ETA at this time.

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Reposting my latest update, as it's pinned on the first page and may have been missed:

    Thanks everyone for your continued interest in this important functionality. About a month ago we released our new back end SLA platform which gives us a solid new base to build additional functionality for SLAs.

    The first part of that is "Group SLAs" announced at Relate. This is set to open to early adopters in Q4, and be released generally in Q1. If you'd like to express interest in being part of that EAP release, please use this form. 

    Once Group SLAs are out we'll be working on real-time alerts for SLAs, as well as some greater options for SLA targets, including some new targets and configurability. Expect this to ship sometime in 2023. 

    In the meantime, I recommend you check out some of our marketplace apps, like Sweethawk Timers for the ability to get minute level notifications for SLAs.


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