Read only ticket field for agents

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  • Travis Tubbs

    There's an app from Zendesk called Ticket Field Manager ( that does just this.

    If it worked.

    When I made the fields read-only, most of my fields disappeared. When I tried again, the fields were not read-only. (And an error appears in the browser's console.)

    I have a ticket open with Support and they're investigating. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix it and it's the solution for your needs.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I think the frustrating thing here is that you have to use an app in order to get this functionality today.  However, I'd expand the use case a bit to set expectations for how data is populated into these read-only fields. I would assume that a read only field for agents would need a method to collect an initial value which could come from one of the following scenarios/examples: 

    1) By end users - preserving end user field submissions

    2) By allowed agent groups and/or roles - supporting workflows like approvals, quality assurance, reporting, etc. 

    3) By an application - this is technically supported as the Zendesk App Framework can push data into a field and set a field as read only.  However, an unauthorized user might be allowed to update a field via an authorized app. 

  • Angeli Ho

    I agree it is necessary for us to have a read only field.

    Some fields are populated from a 3rd party system through integration and I do not want agents to make changes to those fields

  • The Original DKNY

    This has been a feature request placed many many times. WIth the new Zendesk <-> SFDC sync comming shortly this is critical to have the ability to mark a subset of Org and Contact feilds as Read Only.  The lack of this functionality will lead to data hygiene issues in the two systems. 


    EG 1:  The Agent changes the Org Name in Zendesk to the customer DBA Name, this then triggers the legal name in the SFDC Account record to be changed to the DBA, which for accounting purposes is not valid. 

    EG 2:  The Agent changes the name of a End-User to Bob Dobbs, as that is Robert Dobbs' perfred name.  Now SFDC has  Bob Dobbs and any contracts that are automatically generated and sent to Mr. Dobbs are not valid in as they do not have the signatories legal name. 


    EG 3: An org record has a custom feild for "Assigned Account Manager" that syncs with SFDC Account Owner field.  The Agent changes the value in zendesk for some reason, then the Account record in SFDC is updated and the account manager has "lost" the account and it no longer shows on her revenue reports or tasks of customers to send renewal notices too.  


    PLEASE HONOR THIS FEATURE REQUEST.  this is not a training agents issue, this is a data hygiene and consistency issue.  This will only get worse for larger customers that intergrate Zendesk via IPAAS or middleware. 


  • Naomi Watnick

    Hi - We're also needing this.  There are too many "oops" situations where agents accidentally delete or manipulate fields that we need to stay static for integrations and other automations we've built to work.

    Any ETA on this?


  • Alexey Krasnichenko

    This feature is vital, so could you please provide any ETA?

  • Hisham Al-Shurafa

    +1. We want to link zendesk users with their stripe accounts via the stripe customer id. We don't want this field to be editable by agents because they can accidentally change it. 

  • Ayal Kellman

    +1 for this as well

  • Azhar M

    Zendesk should provide this feature of making a field Read-only. It is very important in many aspects.

  • Nick King

    +1 for this - specifically for fields populated by an integration.

  • Jamie Noell

    We use the Hide Ticket fields app for fields where we do not want the agent to update a value, but ideally we would like these hidden fields to instead be read-only for and visible to agents.

    In addition, we sync user data into Zendesk, which should not be editable in Zendesk as it's not the system of record.

  • ggalling

    > +1 for this - specifically for fields populated by an integration.

    This! We have many fields that are populated by integrations (which is necessary to pipe data into Zendesk Explore and other BI tools) that we don't want agents to be able to edit. Is there any advice that a Zendesk expert can provide for that usecase in the current product?

  • Mark Leci

    I've run into this as well - we have a lot of fields populated by middleware (Zapier) or by triggers. While I think this feature request is super valuable, we have found a workaround for this in the meantime:

    We added the ZD Ticket Field Manager and set some of these fields to read-only using the 'Read Only Form Fields' or 'Hidden form fields' depending on the use case.  That prevents those fields from being edited by agents as we want. For some of these we also allowed certain groups to edit the fields just for the extra flexibility. I hope that helps! 

  • Ahmed Esmat

    +1 this feature is badly needed

  • Martin Cubitt

    +1 We need this to protect critical data evaluated via triggers based on other input fields. Allowing these 'protected' fields to be edited breaks the integrity of the ticket data.

  • Barbara Brauner


    Is there any update on this feature? Would also be happy to have this functionality! Thanks.

  • Anne-Sophie Mullier

    Hi, +1 here as well

  • Charlie Wettlaufer

    This is necessary +1

  • Cristian Silva

    Hello,  This is necessary +2

  • Martin Cubitt

    This is a must!


  • Matthew Fisher, MSCIS

    This is definitely fundamental functionality lacking in the Support product. Is there plan to incorporate this?

  • Maddie F.

    This is essential for us - +1

  • Jake Warren

    +1 Agreed, we need this in place. Especially for fields that are updated via triggers/automation that we want agents to be able to see, but not edit. 

  • Sandra Campbell

    we need this too!

  • AJ Johnson

    For anyone using apps to give agents contextual control of external objects that need to be reference by ID from a ticket, this is super important. Otherwise an agent could alter the id on accident and break the whole thing. 

  • Regina Giuliani

    This would be super helpful. We're using the Zendesk app called Ticket Field Manager to hide or make fields read-only today and it's working for us to some degree. We've created dummy groups so we can assign some agents, leadership and Admins to be able to see or edit those fields. We like the app because it also lets us hide values within a field. The issue we haven't solved for is when you have multiple forms. We can't have a field hidden on one form, but viewable on another.

  • Bruce Williams

    4 years and this is still not available?  We have system fields we want to set with a trigger and do not want the agents to change.  This should have been delivered day 1. IMHO


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