List of Views where ticket is visible

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  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    What a useful idea, Marta! This would also be useful in the other direction -- quickly figuring out why a particular light agent did not see a particular ticket.

    Caveat -- based on past experience (as a 9-year ZD user), I suspect that this is the kind of change that Zendesk would not be able to implement quickly -- i.e. not until some significant architecture change, if at all. So realistically, the way to get this capability would be via an add-on (which you could search for at Zendesk Marketplace - Find Apps, Integrations & Partners) or a home-grown script which uses the ZD API.

  • WRO Jacuk-Zurak, Marta

    Hi @...

    Thanks for your feedback! I thought so, that it won't be a quick-win here, but just wanted to point that something like this might be useful in the future. 

  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello WRO Jacuk-Zurak, Marta

    Thank you so much for the feedback on how it would be helpful to be able to click into a ticket, and have all views associated with that listed out. At this time there aren't plans to include this in the events, however I encourage you to follow the announcements page for the newest releases and updates.  


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