Change the order of the comments as an agent when viewing a ticket

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  • Richard Meyer

    My team is conplaining so much we are considering doing away with Zendesk.  We loved it up to this point.  One of my team (when we first started using Zendesk) said "you will have to take this from my cold dead hands" now he is begging me to find a solution or throw it away.  

    I see by lack of priority that this is being viewed with, that I will have to throw Zendesk away. 

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Sorting the comment thread would be great. Even better: the ability to sort and save as the default sort. This is one of the primary reasons we have not moved to Agent Workspace. Our team almost exclusively uses Support via email and web form, which is more passive. The oldest -> newest sort is better suited for real-time communication, like Chat, which we do not plan on implementing. As such, the flow of the thread is not particularly conducive to what our agents are doing. 

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Agreed our company is thinking of other platforms since there is no talk of adding a simple filter on comment sort direction

  • Eckhard Doll

    Sam, we are in the same situation, but Zendesk has already sent a notification that our support experience will be "upgraded" early March. So, they are forcing us to switch to this "experience"...

  • Nick Lamb

    Eckhard Doll ask your account rep to put a freeze on this. I don't know how long that will hold, but we've had them do this until this feature is implemented as the damage to our workflow from scroll-fatigue would be very high. 

    Will state again that we're ready to switch to the new interface and utilize new features, but are primarily blocked on this single item.

  • Les Mullin

    Will this ever be a possibility? 

  • Matt Goodall

    +1 email is our primary channel and the sort order with Agent Workspace makes viewing long threads more difficult than before we made the switch

  • Jysk IT en del af Sagro I/S

    We do not have Agent Workspace because of this. Please make a setting in Agent Workspace to change the order of comments like it is when Agent Workspace is not enabled.

  • Phil Campeau

    This would be a very helpful feature, and not a particularly hard one to implement. 

  • I vote for being able to rearrangeging tickets again. 

  • Lisa Jaeger

    The worst part is the newest email isn't even really at the bottom when you get a reply from your contact. Because they reply with the past email thread attached the newest section to read is actually in the center of the full history making responding to discussions beyond frustrating. I've had to take many discussions out of Zen desk to outlook due to this. Which would not be needed if they were properly sorted from Newest to oldest.

  • Natalie Doran

    Another voice chiming in - this simple change has made working within Zendesk (where nearly 70% of our tickets are via the email channel, most of them with 3 replies or more) incredibly aggravating. Please switch it back, or give us the ability to make the order decisions ourselves. 

  • Greg Clapp

    Another +1 on this feature. Our support team is going to be pushing back hard with our account rep on switching over to the new Agent Workspace until we get the ability to configure the comments sort order to meet our needs. We haven't been forced to switch yet, but it sounds like we may be up next.

  • Shawn Dismuke

    We've been using Agent Workspace since last August and the ordering issue is still very irritating.  As most other commenters have mentioned, we're solely email based so when we have multiple entries in the tickets of emails that themselves have multiple responses, it's very difficult to see what is the most recent response in the latest email chain.  Being able to sort newest to oldest would be my preference but at the very least, maybe toggle the background color from one public update to the next so it's is easier to determine where one begins and the other ends.

  • Vu Tran

    +1 for this, everyone has already given the reasons. Our org was forcibly switched to the Agent Workspace and so far this is the biggest and major drawback. 

  • Stephen Yorke

    My company was forced to Agent Workspace on Monday and WHOA...

    This sorting is a HUGE problem for us as well. We have cases that last months, have extremely lengthy comments, and all of our Agents have been having a really hard time with this, this week.

    Not only this, but even our customers using our Portal complain of the same thing in the Support portal.

    Why did Zendesk not take this into consideration initially? This is a very big issue for people who use Zendesk day in and day out and I know there are several threads about this ordering old to new. When I open a ticket, I want to see the latest update from my customers, not the first one they put in when they opened the ticket, that is old news.

    Is there any update when ordering will be fixed in Agent Workspace? Otherwise, I will be discussing moving to a new platform with my company as well.

  • Richard Weddigen

    We were also forcibly switched to Agent Workspace and were able to get our instance reverted to the legacy interface by opening a support ticket and repeatedly voicing how unusable Agent Workspace is for us. The whole back and forth process took a few days. Hopefully this helps someone else.

  • Do you have any update ? With the new agent workspace, the order has been changed. My team is lost since..


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