Why is the password reset notification text not customizable like the other messages?

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  • Balazs Brauner

    Anyone from the Zendesk Employees who can answer this?

    We have the same problem. It cannot be that customers of brand #2 and #3 receive the same text like those of our main brand #1

  • Remko Hartlief

    We run into the same problems our employees think those are phishing E-mails.

  • Theresa Molina

    This is very frustrating as I have end users that see this as SPAM or simply ignore it because the emails are so generic. Worse I have had several users completely unable to understand it when opening the email and assume it is some kind of virus. 

  • Alex Clark

    another year later and this is still unanswered/resolved? 


    Has anyone out there found a work around at all?

  • Ryan Boyette

    This is causing confusion for our customer base as well, would be great to be able to modify the email copy for this


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