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  • Dan Borrego
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ole,
    Thank you for your question!
    Email notifications in Zendesk Support are a result of a trigger. Once the trigger fires and sends the notification via email there is no way to "unsend" it, unfortunately.
    As some extra information, I am sharing this article below:
    How are Zendesk Support email notifications sent out?
    Hope it clarifies your question and you have a nice day,
  • Ethan Martin

    I think an "undo" option really should be added to Zendesk. From the support workspace, if you accidentally submit an internal response as a public response, or if you submit a public response but see right away that there's a typo, it'd be great to be able to undo that submission within 10/30/60 seconds.

    I don't think the value in this feature would relate to emails sent via trigger, but it would be extremely helpful in maintaining professionalism and client confidence when it comes to submitting responses from the agent workspace. Who doesn't make typos and mistakes? This feature would allow for quick corrections.

    Also, since this is a standard feature in email apps like Gmail, and in competitors like Freshdesk, it would also make sense to provide Zendesk agents functionality that they likely already expect.

  • Fabian Späth

    Auch aus meiner Sicht wäre es gut, wenn es eine Option gäbe, einen E-Mail-Versand wieder rückgängig zu machen. Der Vorschlag mit 30 bis 60 Sekunden Zeitpuffer finde ich gut!

  • Marc Dufour

    I agree with Ethan Martin

    There should be a short delay before any triggers are activated. Similar to what is done in online Outlook. You get a delay of 5 seconds to allow you to back out of the send. Making this an option that is configurable would be ideal.

    Dan Borrego

  • siyu lee

    We really expect there could be a function "undo" added on Zendesk. After messages or attachments have been recalled,this kind of record could be checked by admins and agents in history tab but users can't, in case those info would be maliciously withdrawn by agents.

    What's more, we can not 100% guarentee  that as human-being, agents will not make any mistake when they are assisting customers especially when they are busy assisting with so many customers at the same time, it definetely will be a huge challenge for our agents. During that period of busy time, mistakes occur easily,We have already met such kind of case which had a terrible impact on our company's image due to the absence of this function.

  • Shona

    Agree, this is a standard feature in Outlook.  People make mistakes.  But when private or confidential information is on the line (companies can be fined and taken to court), there MUST be a functionality. 

  • Galen Bertozzi

    Dan Borrego or someone from Zendesk, could you please comment if this functionality is on the roadmap? The use case and value should be pretty clear as highlighted in the comments above. Thanks! 

  • Marcin Miodek

    Please add this feature. It is not technically "undoing" the message sending as this is impossible from technical point of view, but providing a few seconds of delay between clicking the "send" button and actually sending the message. This is a standard feature in Gmail and Freshdesk. It is a life-saver. 

  • Marcin Miodek

    Wait, isn't this what we all need, just hidden under an unintuitive name? 

  • Marcin Miodek

    Unfortunately, the "Cancel Ticket Submit" app that I shared above is not really that great. I have shared my feedback in a comment on the app page. 

  • Gabriele LoCascio

    A new "unsend email button" could be a very nice functionality. 

    Also if we can do it only from "back door", directly from google service as a "email recall". 

    Thanks Zendesk and Dan Borrego for thinking on it.



  • Sylvia Ta

    An unsend button should be a must-have. With Zendesk replacing some communications that would typically go out from Gmail or other emailing apps, an unsend button is table-stakes to have Zendesk functionalities meet the expectations of communication tools.

    We have our team send internal notes to figure out how to solve tickets, and it's too easy to accidentally send as a public note. This exposes us too easily for mistakes to be made and not a great user-experience.

  • Justin McLellan

    An unsend button is an absolute MUST! Having so many options to close a ticket out, it is so simple to go from an internal note to sending a reply publicly. As others have mentioned, even having a delay in sending and the ability to pull that email back before it actually gets pushed out would be extremely valuable as this mistake has pushed me to use Gmail more for this feature.

  • Casey

    I agree with Justin and Sylvia! This would be such a valuable feature! 

  • Akhil K

    I certainly agree with the folks so far. It would certainly make the experience a whole lot better if there was a undo button. Everyone makes mistakes and typos and sometimes it might still be there after proof reading it many times! 

    Come on ZD give us a unsend button!

  • David Plesník

    I agree with everyone above. This feature would improve customer experience greatly.

  • Jamie Danjoint

    Why do I feel like this functionality used to exist in ZD? Even basic ticketing systems have this capability.

  • Robert Raimondi

    We are coming over from another CRM, and it is rather surprising to me that this is not a built-in feature. I may attempt to create some kind of automation to fake it, but this is something all CRMs should have. 


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