Multiple values as condition in order to reveal a field

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  • Kristian Tungland

    I guess you are taking about a ticket field with "multi-select" function. Seems like that is not a supported field with the use of conditions. See thread here.

  • Alison Cook

    Handy Andy ;) Do you mean the ability to do: if Ticket field value 1 is selected by an agent AND another Ticket Field value 2 is selected by agent THEN show Ticket field? If so, 1000x votes on that.

  • Workrise Technologies Inc.

    +1000x (as well) to this!

    Utilizing multiple conditions would greatly alleviate pain points with cross-team collaboration on some of my workflows.

  • Jake Warren

    I think there are some different interpretations on this request. The way I interpreted this, and using the Requester field as an example, would be:

    In a condition setup, I want to say "Requester" as the field, "contains" is the logic, and the values can be "Name 1, Name 2, Name 3". 

    This makes it to where I don't have to put 3 different conditions for Requester in the "meet any of these conditions" section. Not sure if there is a condition limitation, if there is I haven't hit it yet, but if there is this would be a huge help. I set up triggers to notify CSMs on ticket creation for their organizations they oversee and some of them have a lot, so I'm having to add a condition for every organization. This would allow me to handle it all in a single condition.

  • Workrise Technologies Inc.

    Jake Warren, that would be a nice addition as well, in regards to trigger/automation conditions.


    However, I believe the original post (and what I am in support of) is in regards to conditional ticket fields (which requester cannot be used for). Currently, ticket fields can only be associated with 1 condition..

    An example of how this currently operates would be:

    • if ticket_field_a value = "123" SHOW ticket_field_c

    An example of multiple conditions would be:

    • if ticket_field_a value = "123" AND ticket_field_b = "456" SHOW ticket_field_c
  • Jake Warren

    Workrise Technologies Inc. - I get it now, yeah you're right. I stumbled across this feedback when searching for what I outlined, but can't find anything directly tied to it. Every time I try to search for it I come across something related to the multi-select field type, which isn't what I'm looking for.

  • Bobby Koch

    +1, stumbled upon this one today. 

  • mfg


  • Dawn Carver

    We need this capability as well! I need to be able to have multiple conditions that are true and make another field visible and required for that ticket.

  • Stephen

    +1 this would be a fantastic feature - it would add a layer of complexity to creating / maintaining Ticket Forms, but also allow deeper levels of control to Admin's in building more complex workflows for teams.

  • Rich Herbert - Comcast HR

    +1  definitely could use this


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