Make Requester Name a Required Field to Create a Ticket?

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  • Kristian Tungland

    Hi, Paul,

    It does not seem to be an option to make this required. But you can do two things:

    1: Use a trigger and some follow-up logic

    When an agent submits a ticket for the first time (i.e. the ticket is "Created") and no requester is present - the requester will be the "current user". In this case the agent. All the others conditions are set to prevent the trigger to run on all scenarios.

    So the actions you can take could be:

    Email the current user/agent that made this and ask if the ticket was supposed to be requested by that agent. Or if the agent forgot to add the caller.

    DISCLAIMER: The conditions may be faulty, I have no such trigger active in our system - so I have not tested the impact this will have on all scenarios.

    2: Use a custom ticket field with a checkbox saying: Have you added the correct requester to this ticket? And make that field required before solve or even before the ticket is created (always).


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