Show ticket title in tab, not requester name

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  • Jonathan Ruh

    +1 on Ethans comment - when having multiple tickets open the preview is best suited to show the Subject rather than the Requester Name. Especially when there may be instances when managing many different tickets from the same requester.

  • Nick S

    +1 on Ethans comment - when having multiple tickets open the preview is best suited to show the Subject rather than the Requester Name. Especially when there may be instances when managing many different tickets from the same requester. 

  • Rory Ashford-Bentley

    I support this 100% Ethan is absolutely right. Since rolling out the new update this feature has caused lots of complaints within our team. At any given time we can have multiple tickets from a single sender which creates a rather frustrating user experience.

    The biggest frustration is that for a few seconds the tab title is the ticket subject and then it changes to the sender name so our team can see that the data is there but then is removed and as an Admin I dont have any tools to turn the feature off.

  • Mathias Lakshøj-Hansen

    This is one of the reasons we still use legacy, so it would be very much appriciated if this could be reverted to showing subject or the possibility of deciding what the tab shows via Admin settings.

  • Nick Vincent-Maloney

    I am always flabbergasted at the inane changes ZD seems to make despite all these comments and concerns. Changing to the requester in the ticket tab is utterly silly and I just can't imagine why ZD would do that. I agree with Ethan, can someone at ZD share the process by which this change was made? Was it user feedback? I sure as heck didn't ask for this.If such a change is made, maintaining a way to change it back seems so obvious.

    In fact, almost every change I do ask for is never implemented and all the huge changes that are made, I never asked for. I guess our use cases are just wonky compared to everyone else???

  • Ethan Smith

    @... or Nicole Saunders

    Any update from zendesk on this? If there are no plans to revert this change (or at least give users the choice), can you please provide any bit of rationale as to how or why names are better than ticket titles? Or, if you're still trying to figure out how to address this, please just let us know that you don't have any real update at this time, but something is better than nothing at this point. The names in place of titles continue to be a hurdle more than anything for our teams working in Zendesk

  • Kyle Pinkley
    Zendesk Luminary

    Agreed, this is one thing we had to get accustom to when switching to the New Agent Workspace last year and would love the old behavior back.

  • Ethan Smith

    Hi @... and Nicole Saunders,


    can you please shed any light on potential implementation of this feature (changing back to the old format)? If it doesn't sound like this change is being prioritized right now, can you please explain what user feedback and user perspective was used when deciding that using requester names was actually better than ticket titles? If this isn't going to be changed back for the time being, I'd like to at least understand why it was changed from title to requester in the first place. 

  • Kristi Adams

    +1 100% agree we need the ticket subject back in the tab title

  • Erik Cerbulis

    When dealing with multiple issues simultaneously, it is easier to remember the issue (ticket title), not the person.  Trying to have to correlate a name to an issue slows down our workflow.  I would definitely like to see this changed or at the very least, let us decide if we (organization) would like to see the name versus the ticket title.  

  • Joe Crean

    +1 too confusing when you have many tickets per requester.. same name in all the tabs.. bad UX

  • Anthony Severo

    I just started at a new organization that has the new Agent Workspace enabled and find ticket number to be more confusing to view vs subject line. 

    Ideally we could customize the ticket tab however we'd like (ideally I could set this up to show ticket requester and subject line), but in general I feel the subject line would be a more helpful identifier vs the requester name.

  • Neal Shmidman

    +1 Ethan Smith For B2B w/ multiple tickets the requester name is not helpful on the ticket tab. Even the org would be better... 

  • John Farthing

    I registered an account just to note that this change makes managing ticket tabs much more difficult. Changing default behavior without a way to revert is a terrible idea. Please give us a way to put back the useful tab titles.

  • Travis Sexton

    This is an issue that we need resolved. If the requester or anyone on a CC has replied to a ticket we already have the correct name to address someone as. The ticket title is the context to their issue and when using this as a support tool the Context is key. 

    Please look to implement this ASAP. 


  • Alyssa Torregroza

    I also registered an account just to be able to upvote this post. It is incredibly frustrating that this change was made without a way to choose what is displayed in the ticket tab or to simply keep the old format. We recently changed to the new workspace and this is easily one of the hardest "features" to get used to, it makes something that was available at first glance now take seconds or action (hovering and waiting, or clicking into the tab). 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing this feedback, Ethan, and for using the template. If other users have needs similar to Ethan's, please up-vote his post and add any additional details in the comments below. 

  • FreedomPay

    This is one of the primary reasons we are still on Legacy version and have not upgraded to the Agent Workspace.  We have multiple different issues opened by a single partner/client and need the Title to differentiate.  

  • Joey Liew

    +1 Having the requester name on the tab is so impractical. I can open multiple tickets from the same requester and seeing all the same on the tab title. Please revert back to using ticket title. 

  • Krista Renz

    Just switched over to workspace and this is the first thing everyone noticed. This needs to be changed back to ticket title and not requester. A lot of our customers are frequent fliers and have multiple tickets. 

  • Ryan D. Smith

    Thanks for the update. Will be anxious to hear that this is at least in the roadmap to be changed back or give us the option of which we want to see.


  • Jordi Casas

    +1. Please, go back to how it used to work, or allow the user to customize this behavior. 

  • Andy Michaud

    Please Please Please give us the option to change back the tabs to the title instead of the name of the requestor. It is making things take much more difficult than it needs to be.

  • Nick Vincent-Maloney

    It's almost as if ZD didn't even think this through with proper testing and UI/UX specialists. How is that possible? Well, I say it's that ZD has lost sight of its core values. When I started using ZD over 8 years ago, I felt liked they cared about me and my use-cases. Nowadays, no luck... I'm just another subscription they milk for profits.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    How about giving Admins the ability to decide for ourselves? If our agents like the subject, we can set it to show the subject. If our agents like the requester, we can set it to show the requester.

    Make it dynamic and configurable for us!

  • Nathan Curry

    +1 on this feature.

    In addition to multiple tickets from the same requester, we have tickets opened by account people on either side, or passed off to another engineer once the issue is triaged.  Showing the name of someone who touched the ticket once makes no sense for us.

  • Anna Driscoll

    I am only now seeing this change, and it's horrendous.

    There is no way seeing the requestor name is more helpful than the ticket title.

    Please provide a way for changing this as this will cause a lot of issues on our end.

    To quote the comment above me, "Why did you mess with success?!?"

  • Jason COCKING


    Our agents identify tickets by subject, not by requestor name. 

    We need to have the subject line in the tabs again. It is unmanageable with the ticket requestor's name.

  • Travis Sexton

    I have also noticed the tabs no longer provide the Ticket # if there has been a call. Can this be changed back? There won't be very many use cases where I need to know that the call has ended in the tab. It is more important to see the Ticket #. Should this be a new Feature request? or is this a bug?


  • Alex Smith

    I know a lot of folx here are upset by this aspect of the layout change, as am I.  Our company frequently works on multiple tickets from the same customer simultaneously, so this change makes it inconvenient to track all the tickets (inconvenient, not impossible).  Hopefully we can get this changed back in a future update.

    That said, I really love how the composer window is now separate from the ticket comments, that will make my life so much easier.  And Zendesk is a great product over all, especially compared to the ticketing system (or lack thereof) we had before!  Thanks for all you do, and for being open to our feedback.


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