Implement way to open zendesk URL links inside existing zendesk session

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  • Daniel Dobrzensky

    There's a Chrome extension for this! Solves the problem perfectly.

  • Gareth Elsby

    +1 for Zendesk quicktab. Its a must-have for any Zendesk agent to get rid of multiple open tabs.

    Although +1 on the OP because this feature is sorely needed!

  • Jason Ortega

    Hi Daniel Dobrzensky, thanks for the tip, this works for most intents and purposes. The only time it can get weird is if you have multiple browser windows with zendesk domain (like maybe one looking at stuff for Talk and one looking at stuff for Support), then if it tries to open the tab in the Talk browser window, the ticket has no where to route to since it is Talk and not Support and simply closes the tab and theres nothing the user can do except close that default window.


    Thanks for pointing out a workaround none-the-less.


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