Trigger and attachment needed for Instagram Direct stories reactions

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  • Poirot Julien

    Same need here: tickets created from stories' reactions containing only 😍 or 🔥are a waste of time for agents, CSAT is sent when solved and customers don't understand why.

    We also had to turn off the autoresponder because people were getting an acknowledgment of their reactions.

  • Nicola

    I totally agree. The information that the message is a response to stories is important, and it would be absolutely best if the specific stories were also displayed in the ticket. Now our agents have to check the Instagram app. 

    We also get tagged in customer's stories. As part of building a great relationship with our customers, we always want to say thank you and respond to such tagging. Unfortunately, no ticket is generated in Zendesk in this case and agents have to check the Instagram app again. I suggest that a new ticket is also created where the customer's stories will be available to preview as an image.


  • Tatjana Kümmerle

    Same here. Our clients always have to ask "Hi, can you tell me on which story you answered" because the customers just write "How is the measurement?" or "Where can I buy it?" - We have to see on what story the customer reacts or write.

  • Arlyanna Pilor

    Is there a workaround already for this one? Please need help for this.


    Thank you!

  • Melissa Rush

    Any news to this? 

  • Cristiano Hoffmann Lopes

    Passando o mesmo por aqui.
    O ideial mesmo é que já venha identificado se o ticket é apenas uma reação ou não. 

  • Elina

    Hello, we are also receiving plenty tickets with only reactions to stories. As we are an instagram brand and have many stories life, our agents cannot always check our instagram to answer our customers correctly. This is very frustrating for our agents and also time consuming. Is this update on the Zendesk roadmap any time soon? 
    Also will it ever be possible to see the instagram handle of our customers in the created ticket? 


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