Feature Request: Suspended ticket View - limit access to admins

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  • Glennie T. Sørensen

    Great idea.

  • Cheng-Chung Wu

    Totally agree. Admins should have the opportunity to grant this permission for the other roles.

  • Markus Schulz

    This is a very important feature request! In our company only the IT dep. is allowed to release suspended tickets. due to security reasons. In the past Full Agents have released suspended tickets by themselves without informing the IT dep. This could be very dangerous for our IT system.

  • Monica

    Agreeing with Cheng Chung Wu's comment that admins should have the ability to grant suspended tickets view permission for other roles. 

    With the introduction of private groups and limiting most folks to only public tickets or those in their private groups, this disrupts the coverage we have for suspended tickets view. Ideally, they would still be able to access and work the suspended tickets view. Or along the lines that others have suggested, they should be able to view suspended tickets from public ticket groups or the private groups they're in.

  • Sonali Maunick

    Absolutely great idea! Admins should be able to decide who needs to have access to the Suspended Tickets.


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