Feature requests: Custom organization fields in Views

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  • SOCi


    I just ran into this issue - needing to populate/filter Organization fields in the ticket views. 

    Our Organizations are synced to Salesforce Accounts and we need to prioritize tickets according to a variety of Account fields (Churn Risk, SLA type, ARR, etc). As Salesforce is our source of truth for live account details, this is impossible to do at scale in Zendesk without visibility at the View level. 

  • Arno

    My team requires this feature as well.


    Everytime a new end-user is created, we update some of their custom (not default) profile fields. 

    When these end-users create a ticket, we want to display these custom profile fields in our views.

    Currently views can only add default fields and custom ticket fields, not custom profile fields of the requester.

  • Matthew Bell

    This feature would be beneficial for my org as well.

    The current work around we have in place is using org custom fields to execute a trigger that populates a custom ticket field which we include in the views, however this is only a workaround as it won't scale and we cannot currently hide these fields.

  • Blago

    This is something my organisation would benefit from as well.

    Looking forward to it being added at some point.

  • Jysk IT en del af Sagro I/S

    Any news on this??


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