Zendesk for Teams app missing documentation on how to setup the automated notifications to certain channels / people about new tickets / tickets without update for certain amount of time

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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    You can't do this out of the box right now, but this is something we have plans for in future, later this year. 

    The workaround today would be to set up our SLA feature, perhaps using the "Periodic Update"
    target. You could then set up an Automation to check on SLA status every hour and could use that to send an email, or trigger a webhook. If you do the latter, you could use a service like Zapier to then send an alert to a Channel in Teams. A bit convoluted I know, but hope this helps you achieve what you'd like to do.

  • Nick Shehan

    Hi Scott Allison,

    Are you aware if there has been any update on this?  I'm looking to send notifications of any new tickets that are received outside of business of hours to a MS Teams chat group or team.

    If this is possible, could you point me to a setup guide! Thank you.

    Cheers, Nick.


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